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Distant Hurricane
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Feb 10, 08 3:42 PM
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Welcome to Distant Hurricane's temporary page. We are working on a new page so when that is done i pull put it on the Guild MOTD: CURRENTLY:: Polsia and i have been talking about how to help the guild out and we are willing to PL our guildies to help us move closer to raiding. We will be doing the raid's by DKP( Dragon Kill Points) AKA raid points.Polsia and I will keep track of those kind of things. ~Have a great day~ MURAL =)

***ALSO*** We are allied with Legion of Fortitude, so if needing contact with guild leadaer..its: Soulhayker(MNK) & Furypaws (BST).

**TRYING TO FORM ALLIANCE'S With: Flight Of the Dragon, maybe Shadows of the Forgotten.~

<< RAIDS >>

539513378_Inactive, Feb 10, 08 3:42 PM.
!!!! IF NEEDING HELP WITH EPICS OR ANYTHING, PST IN GAME, LEAVE IN GAME MESSAGE, OR PST OFFICER OR MURAL...or help getting geared, will see what i can do--------------------------------------------->~I know we aren't raiding yet, but here is the list of places we are looking forward and will try to be raiding into the future<~
Plane of Power.
Plane of Justice.

ALSO: Helping with epics 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 ect..and what ever needed. Armor quests.  Will start doing some guild group's in Halls of Honor when guildies higher level, and help them get geared. Will buy 10k droggies to all spell casters that are in need of a little mana boost..(when i get platinum pieces) =)
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