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About Velvet Claw

Velvet Claw is a different kind of clan, founded by longtime MMOG gamers who became tired of watching guild after guild become sidetracked by competitive egos and leet attitudes. What makes us different?

  • Velvet Claw is a light roleplay clan composed entirely of female avatars; no male avatars are allowed within the clan, even as mules or alts.
  • We don't care about powergaming, being casual explorers and RPers at heart who also like a tasty dungeon crawl. We DO care about camraderie and having a lot of roleplay fun with the all-female theme. We are patient with newcomers to the MMOG genre and enjoy helping you learn good teamwork and technique.
  • We are not concerned with growing large. We are concerned with having cool, open minded, laid back, mature and fun-loving members. 
  • We are friendly to alternative lifestyle roleplay themes and we are composed of GLBT persons & their allies. However, we are also R rated so that means subtle innuendo and flirtation only--no outright propositions, “cybering,” or explicit language. Anyone too pushy or offensive gets the boot.
  • No real-life political or religious discussion is allowed on the boards or on the in-game channels.
  •  Our governing principle is  *Be excellent to each other*
Velvet Claw is a multi-gaming clan, currently we are active in two games:
  • The Secret World (Dragon faction). We rely heavily on voice comms in TSW because the nature of TSWgameplay makes group coordination much easier with voice comms. We have a private Ventrilo server and you should be able to at least listen to the Ventrilo comms on your speakers (and reply by typing in chat) if you aren't fully Ventrilo-capable with a headset and mic. Our site for the VC TSW branch is:
  • World of Warcraft (mainly Wyrmrest Accord server Horde-side, and a much less active Scarlet Crusade Alliance-side group). In World of Warcraft, our main focus is currently on our Horde characters. We have an informal Horde Posse that meets on Wyrmrest Accord Monday nights. Our WoW members do not rely on voice communications.
Most of our members are located in the central and eastern USA. Our usual active play time, with the current clan membership, falls in the range of 7pm to midnight EST (4pm to 6am GMT) on weekdays, and throughout the USA daytime on weekends.
Velvet Claw News
Other Guild News

Velvet Claw's TSW branch moving to a new home

ravyyn, Jul 19, 12 2:55 PM.

Sunako, Psyren, ThunderRose, Yokai & Rhyss in Egypt

ravyyn, Jul 12, 12 7:34 AM.
Welcome ThunderRose & Rhyss as brand spankin new Clawmates!

Patrolling the farmlands

monika, Jul 11, 12 12:24 AM.
Yokai, Sunako, Talula, Oonazero, and Orvokki exploring the Besieged Farmlands.

Talula, Orvokki, Yokai & Sunako meet a very nice wampyr

ravyyn, Jul 10, 12 12:40 AM.

Kimiko, Sunako & Yokai take a tourist pic

monika, Jul 6, 12 9:36 AM.
Not sure if we'll be in regularly, but (since EverNext is a ways away), it's a possibility. We're starting a pair of DKs first . Anyway *waves hi*
Hey Lady B & Sabrina :D This is Ravyyn. WoW was on sale & after a decade away we thought we'd try it again... looking frwd to playing with y'all
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