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About Velvet Claw

Velvet Claw is a longtime clan founded by MMO gamers who became tired of watching guilds become sidetracked by competitive egos.

Velvet Claw is a multi-gaming clan currently active in two games:

  • The Secret World (Dragon faction). Our site for the VC TSW branch is: .
  • World of Warcraft  - Horde on Wyrmrest Accord server, Horde-side. Currently we meet on Sunday mornings for two hours to run around and do whatever suits our fancy.
  • We are a light roleplay clan composed entirely of female characters; no male characters are allowed within the clan, even as mules or alts.
  • We are dedicated to the concept of casual, fun gaming; explorers and RPers at heart, who nevertheless enjoy refining our technique and becoming ever better players. We care more about group camaraderie and having a lot of fun with our all-female theme than outdoing everyone else. We are welcoming and patient with newcomers to MMOs and are willing to help you learn.
  • We are not concerned with becoming a large clan. We are more concerned with having laid back, mature and fun-loving members. 
  • We are *very* LGBT friendly and open to RP concerning alternative lifestyles. However, out of respect to others around you, we ask that you keep your behavior within polite bounds - no pushy propositions, cybering, or explicit language in clan chat or public. Making people uncomfortable with your behavior goes against the spirit of what Velvet Claw is all about.
  • No real-life political or religious discussion on Velvet Claw in game chat or boards. It never ends well.
Velvet Claw News
Other Guild News

The Claw Takes out Blackhand

lady_babalon, Oct 11, 15 12:59 PM.
Not to dinner!

The Claw visits Durotan on Draenor

lady_babalon, Nov 24, 14 12:03 AM.

Can you believe it's been TEN YEARS?!

lady_babalon, Nov 21, 14 10:13 AM.
We can't either!

Be sure to log onto WoW to get your Molten Corgi pet for WoW's Tenth Anniversary Event!

Velvet Claw's TSW branch moving to a new home

ravyyn, Jul 19, 12 2:55 PM.

Sunako, Psyren, ThunderRose, Yokai & Rhyss in Egypt

ravyyn, Jul 12, 12 7:34 AM.
Welcome ThunderRose & Rhyss as brand spankin new Clawmates!

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