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Game News
Welcome to Fatalism's Website!

We're progressing on 25mans and ZA to have a little bit of fun before the next expansion :)

Though we would prefer to stop running two group to Karazhan, more then 10 people need badges/gear so we will continue to run groups (we do aim to finish Kara within two days of the first raid, however.)


  • Active and skilled healers are being recruited.
              - Priest - 1.3k healing and 120mp5 while casting.
              - Paladin - 1.4k healing, 50mp5, and 15% holy crit
              - Shaman - 1.3k healing and 120mp5.
              - Druid - 1.1k healing and 120mp5.
  • Tanks are not being recruited at this moment.
  • Melee DPS are not actively being recruited.
  • Ranged DPS will only be recruited they have gear good enough for Gruul and TK.
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