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Welcome to Pargon League of Justice!

Justice should never sleep! So long as there is a villain plotting against the people of Paragon, the Mighty Pargon refuses to rest. It is this eternal unrest that has set his course toward recruiting the heroes within the City into his League of Justice, that we may all discourage evil from overcoming good.

Dances With Shadows, May 8, 08 1:49 PM.

Made it to 50!

539428244_Inactive, May 8, 08 1:43 PM.
Thanks to the help of the PLJ Silver Starling made it to 50! The night started out rough but we ended with a bang.

Shout-outs go to: Altered Kitty Chow, Jayde Raven, ShadowSharde, Bobbie Cole, Lord Tenebrous, Firey Desire, Giga Hertz, Ember's Heat, EveryLilThingSheDoes, Token Tanker, and Wolfiesama

Thanks guys - you rock

Be sure to say hi to Magpie if you see her around....

Another Great Prestige Day!

QuestingRaven, Apr 26, 08 5:25 AM.
Thanks to the multiple members who shared various Toons for Friday night's Prestige Push! The diligent work of our intrepid heroes garnered over 60k in much needed prestige for the base upgrades.

PLJ members who assisted in the adventure included: Atomic Gladiator, Bobbie Cole, Briar Malloy, EveryLilThingSheDoes, Firey Desire, Hortio Hanzo, Jayde Raven, Lord Tenebrous, Project Alex, Resonant Panacea, Silver Starling, and Soaring Sadie.

With Special Guest appearances by: Ember's Heat, Black Paws, and QuestingRaven

Let's keep up the good work :)

Pargon Gets Remodeled

SonyaNariko, Apr 24, 08 8:47 PM.
No alternate text supplied.

Under Construction!

The Pargon League has Reached new heights in Prestige in recent months, enabling our esteemed leader, Pargon, the ability of expanding and making changes to the Super Group Base to match that of our growing ranks.

Should you happen to enter the base and notice that teleporters are not functioning or other unusual activity, the outage should be temporary, at best. Our esteemed leader suggests the use of our Coalition's bases when this occurs so that you may continue in your fight for Justice unhindered.

Once the updates have been completed, there will be a new map posted here, on the site to help everyone get around without any too many problems. Keep checking back for updates.

Until then, Happy Hunting, Folks!

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