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Brethren of the Fallen
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Welcome to Brethren of the Fallen!

We are the sister guild of the Classic Server's only all Heretic Guild, Fallen Clerics.  This guild was created to provide a place for our non-Heretic alts to play.  You don't have to belong to the Fallen Clerics to be a member here.  We will gladly accept anyone that would like to join, with one exception.  NO HERETICS HERE!  If you have a heretic that you would like to have join us, feel free to ask about Fallen Clerics.

We are new, so we haven't established a guild playstyle yet, but the plan is to become active in both RvR and PvE.  We will most likely spend a lot of time running with our FC brothers and sisters.  The important thing is to have fun, and that's what we try to do every day.  Join us! 

Cross-Guild Scavenger Hunt

Greybull2, Mar 17, 08 9:38 AM.
The second cross-guild scavenger hunt was yesterday (3/16/08).  Killgur/Brunno sponsored and led it.  We had 2 teams of four or five people each that had a list of ten items that they had to collect.  These items were common drops or could be purchased, and were available in Classic lands or Shrouded Isle.  There were prizes and/or cash available for the winning team.  Those of you that missed it really should make an effort to attend one of these.  We had a blast!

Each team ran around doing their best to gather the items.  We were finally forced to implement a time limit.  The hunt went on for three plus hours!  The items weren't that hard to gather, the participants just had no idea were to look for some of them.  Even hints from our hunt leader did no good.  In the end it was a very close contest; the winning team collected eight of the ten items and the other had seven.  

This event was a lot of fun, and this type of thing promotes teamwork.  We all worked very hard and strained our brains to get as far as we did.  I learned a valuable lesson as well.  I plan to keep a list of drops (who and were) from now on.  I'll be ready for the next one.  :)

Thanks Killgur/Brunno for sponsoring this event.  Thanks also to Meiyla/Rojocaliente for helping with the prizes and for the original idea for this event (she lead the first one).  You guys both led very successful and entertaining events.  We all really appreciate the effort.

Guild Ranks Revamped!

Greybull2, Mar 4, 08 8:28 AM.
I am reworking the guild rank structure and house access levels.  Please see the general discussion section of the forum for more details.
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