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Members Pictures
Mar 23, 08 1:50 PM
New Guild Bank Rules
Mar 21, 08 9:17 AM
Chuck Norris Jokes
Mar 18, 08 2:54 PM
New Ranks and the Run System
Mar 17, 08 6:35 PM
Be Back Soon
Mar 13, 08 2:28 PM
Welcome to the Bestia Miles Militis Guild Site!

Hello everyone I'm Sleesh, an officer of the guild. I'm the one who manages BMM's site and am here to give you a warm hearted welcome! If you are reading this you are probably now a member of Bestia Miles Militis, and here are a few things you should know to get started.

#1- There're ranks in the guild for a reason. The higher the rank the more respect and authority you possess in the guild, being an a-hole to an officer gives them complete authority to either demote you or kick you from the guild.

#2- Yes higher level characters are there to help you when you need it, heck even run you if they have spare time but please do not burry them with tells for help and asking for gold.

#3- Pyronas is the guild leader....Just an FYI.

#4- As the guild will grow so will the guild community, you never know when there's some 8-year old present, please ask before swearing the hell away on the guild chat.

#5- Hell is not a swear word, neither is Damn.

#6- Ask Pyronas or the co-leader before withdrawing anything from the guild bank.

#7- Have fun! Remember the only way to get to 70 is hard work, and lots of Mountain Dew!
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Members Pictures

539530250_Inactive, Mar 23, 08 1:50 PM.
If you want your picture added to the gallery, your going to have to ask me (Sleesh), for a pic.

New Guild Bank Rules

Poppinfresh14, Mar 21, 08 9:17 AM.
Listen Up!  These are the new Guild Bank rules.

1. If you take something out of the guild bank that is not yours, you must return it in full.

2. If you take something out of the guild bank and dont use it all you MUST return the rest of that item.

3. Only take what u need out of the guild bank.

There will probably be more coming soon so keep checking back!

Chuck Norris Jokes

Poppinfresh14, Mar 18, 08 2:54 PM.
I have put up a few Chuck Norris jokes because a lot of the WoW community is into it and well frankly Chuck Norris is a BEASTENJOY!!!!  

p.s. this will help a lot in Barrens Chat :p. 

p.s.s. I survived the Barrens Chat :P

New Ranks and the Run System

539530250_Inactive, Mar 17, 08 6:35 PM.
Well this ain't making my life easier. DAM U PYRONAS!

Anyway it's been decided that the co-leader is now a unique rank, the new green rank is now Guild Advisor. Elite Gaurds have been moved down to Greys now.

The Run System

The guild is now going to start using the run system invented by yours truly and Pyronas. All the information on how the run system works can be found in the information section.

Be Back Soon

Poppinfresh14, Mar 13, 08 2:28 PM.
I will be back this week.  I am going to NY for 4 days so it will probably be after that.

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