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Welcome to

 The community has been formed by jedis from different guilds accross the Star Wars Galaxy server Euro-Chimaera. In this community there are both roleplayers and non-roleplayers, all rebels, neutral factions and now we even accept imperial jedis for the time being. However They will not be permitted the role of Council Member or Grand Master.

In the order we have devided positions into Grand Master, Councler, Master, Knights and Apprentice and Padawans (MORE).
If you and/or your guild are interested in participating in the Chimera Jedi Order, or have any questions you would like us to answer, then please mail us by clicking here or contact members from in-game, the list you will find here .


May the force be with you all

If you are part of the order then please sign up!
If you have any problems at all you can check the forum for any assisting help.


The Legion of Light Guild Recruitment

Dodro Landwalker, Nov 13, 10 4:12 PM.
Hello everyone.

As this site is bearly active I took the liberty of posting my advertisement here for a Guild that will be playing on the new Star Wars: The Old Republic game.

The Legion of Light is well known as the Army of Light from SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) wich sadly fell due to inactivity within the Guild in the game.
Reason for the new name is because there seems to be allready another Guild claming the name, but despite that we still will promise to devote ourselves to our traditional Guild Ways.

The Guild has so far 12 registered Members, and slowly growing, we are still trying to find our old friends from SWG to join us in hopes to create a good Guild community like from our previous game.

We promise to deliver good PvP, PvE as well as RP, though our main focus will be RP as most of our members prepher that.

If you are interested in Joining our ranks, then why not log on to our website and register yourself.
For more information about our Guild do feel free to also check our website.


AL to Ossus'

Dodro Landwalker, Nov 4, 09 4:36 AM.

Earlier guild meeting by AL (Army of Light) suggested to move into Ossus' in hopes to get it active as well as a solid guild to run it all.

Thanks to Keylab Halcyon, who kept the city active for so long suggested to give away his mayor status to the guild leader of AL.
Both parties came to an agreement and during this week members will move from Ismere to Ossus our new town. By the end of this week Ismere will be disbanded and a new mayor will be voted for Ossus.

A special thanks to Keylab who kept Ossus allive after so long during the fall of the jedi community CJO (Chimaera Jedi Order).

May the Force be with you!

Jedi Lecture Event *week update*

Dodro Landwalker, Mar 16, 09 10:39 AM.

Hello everyone!

Here is the first update of all who have so far registered for the Jedi Lecture Event:

Army of Light

  1. Dilius
  2. Tadep
  3. Dodro
  4. Reiles
  5. Stoletac


  1. Authe
  2. Horattio
  3. Jurikin
  4. Githany

Defenders of Light

  1. Dommi


  1. Sharyi

Underground Resistance

  1. Karnax
  1. Eegwar

The Battle of Orthnac Follow-Up

Dodro Landwalker, Dec 26, 08 4:11 PM.
The Host, Karmax Mog has cancled the event until further adue.
Reason is real life.

We apologize for this and hope that you might be patient enough to wait for the event in the future!

Happy Life Day and May the Force be with you!

Problems through the gaming-related sites ! (message from Guildportal)

Dodro Landwalker, Dec 15, 08 11:51 AM.
Hello everyone!

For those who haven't read the message that guildportal has sent out there has been recent "hacking-aktivities" happening through all gaming related sites it would seem. and the biggest security risk is through IE (Internet Explorer). Though there hasn't been any reports of any problems yet I would recommend that those who use the internet browser IE to please considder using Goggle Chrome or Firefox in the future untill the danger is over, if not then browse IE at your own risk.

May the Force be with you!
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