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High council down

539531810_Inactive, Jun 9, 08 3:33 PM.

They are sooooooooooooooooooooo gay

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Three bosses, 1 week, Woot!

539531810_Inactive, May 27, 08 8:29 AM.
This week, we boiled some blood, slap three faces, and some mother fk stuff! Cheer devildom!.
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No alternate text supplied.

539531810_Inactive, May 5, 08 12:08 PM.
1 shot a 1 shot, 一次过啊一次过

Hyjal full cleared!

539531810_Inactive, Apr 25, 08 9:25 PM.

Finally, nightmare is over, no d/c, no lag, no stupid room pull out shut down your network connection, and what's more unbelievable is EOM DIDN"T DIE, MUST BE A DREAM!

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Azgalor down

539531810_Inactive, Apr 11, 08 8:38 PM.

Fucking stupid fat demon didn't drop druid t6! WTF WTF WTF

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