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Wants YOU

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   War is Peace! Freedom is Slavery!

                       Ignorance is Strength!        

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Achtung Sie!! Das Stahl Reich kommt!! Schicksal ist zu Ihnen gekommen!!

From the grand, glorious, & exceedingly hi-tech desk of Cybermanth & Unsettled:

I find the inestimable hypocrisies of the heroes of Paragon City to be most tedious indeed. A sentiment I am quite certain that any true meta-human of the Rogue Isles shares. Many a year have I toiled and labored in an effort to make to them clear the uselessness of their romantic idealisms of helping and protecting the "oppressed" and the "poor" and those who will not help themselves in a world where every opportunity for self glorification exists with but minimal effort, but they would not listen! Not one of them!!!

I have therefore taken it upon myself, with the help of meine Freunde & fellow true meta-humans to aid the self styled "Lord" Recluse in the overthrow of the potentially invaluable resource of that fair place. Like roaches and rats and every other kind of foul vermin within the walls of a noble house do the heroes infest that place which is our rightful heritage!! Yet all is not lost! Nein!! Wir sind siegreich!!

Join us within the Steel Empire and help rid the world of the true enemy of mankind, the Heroes of Paragon!

Humble Fuhrer
Stahl Reich

The Upgraded

The Mantle Son.
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