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Welcome to the guild of Impetuous Nature!

Thank you for visiting our community. Impetuous Nature is a family oriented guild on the Xegony server.  Our guild is intended for individuals who wish to experience end-game content on a more casual basis than the majority of raiding guilds. We strive for dedicated progression, while understanding that people have responsibilities outside of the game. 

Impetuous Nature is a family friendly guild. As such, we require that you watch your language in guild chat as well as on guild runs.  Derrogatory comments, excessive or severe swearing and lewd or obscene comments will not be tolerated. Comments that are considered inappropriate for General Chat are inappropriate in Guild Chat or over Team Speak. Violators will be warned via private messaging or verbally over Team Speak. Repeat and/or extreme offenses will result in the member being demoted for a probationary period or expulsion from the guild. If the guild master feels that a single comment was offensive enough to merit expulsion from the guild.
If an offense occurs while none of the officers is on, please send a tell to the offender politely asking them to "please watch their language." If an offender continues to post offensive messages to guild chat (or over Team Speak), please send an in-game mail to one of the guild officers and we will address it as soon as possible. If you feel that probation or other extreme action is warranted, please screen capture the comments and list who else was online when the comment was made so that we can properly investigate the issue.

Please be kind and courteous to your fellow guild mates. We all play this game for fun. Joking and teasing is easily misunderstood. If you are causing the game to be less fun for someone else in the guild, you're probably in the wrong. If something bothers you please try to bring it up with the individual first, then the various leaders.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539534610_Inactive, Feb 19, 08 7:50 AM.
Msg From Hasnbensobr - Guild Officer :
Impetuous Nature guiild site is currently online.  We are continuing to update the site so that it is current with all members and stats.  Please check back often for community news and information as we get things online.

As always we are looking for site content from all guild members.  If you would like to submit something for the guild and to be posted on the site, drop a line to me or to Anadias.

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