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Solarian Down!
May 13, 08 4:35 PM
Even better than GUNDAM :D
May 12, 08 5:22 PM
Veni, piscatus, looti :)
May 6, 08 10:05 PM
Magtheridon - A distant memory.
Apr 14, 08 3:03 PM
Rage Winterchill - WTF PWND
Apr 13, 08 2:14 PM
Hello everyone,

If you are an existing member and have no knowledge of latest outcomes pls check Forums/ Members Only Discussion / Time for a change.     In order to understand.

For new ppl we are sorry but currently not recruiting atall.
Thank you.
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Solarian Down!

539538309_Inactive, May 13, 08 4:35 PM.
One less :D

No alternate text supplied.

Even better than GUNDAM :D

539538309_Inactive, May 12, 08 5:22 PM.
We broke this big TK Mecha with imba DPS :)

No alternate text supplied.

Veni, piscatus, looti :)

539538309_Inactive, May 6, 08 10:05 PM.

Magtheridon - A distant memory.

539537421_Inactive, Apr 14, 08 3:03 PM.
We are going from strength to strength.  Magtheridon downed on the second attempt.  After a quick visit to the new badge vendor for a small gear upgrade (and an entire new suit for Keaty) we ventured out and blitzed him.

25 man instances - no problem!!
No alternate text supplied.

Rage Winterchill - WTF PWND

539537421_Inactive, Apr 13, 08 2:14 PM.
Well done AS - On our second week of attempting mount Hyjal we managed to down Rage Winterchill.  A big thanks to all who attended in our rather big step forward in raiding.

No alternate text supplied.

Gruul - Done and dusted in one night.

539537421_Inactive, Mar 30, 08 10:19 PM.
High King and Gruul decide AS were too much for them!

You heared it here first (unless you already heared it), both the high king and the man that we know as Gruul is pushing up daisies.

Just to rub salt into the wound, High King was down with only 24 men!!  Gruul decided that Magellan was the turning point, and upon seeing him in the raid thought it would be better to lay down and die.

Well done to all the participants - Lets make this a weekly occurance!

High King
No alternate text supplied.


No alternate text supplied.

We came, we saw, we conquered!

539537421_Inactive, Mar 26, 08 9:49 AM.
One day, five lucky go happy adventurers ventured forth to the new isle.  We WTF PWND!!

Kael'thas downed - Keep up the good work!
No alternate text supplied.

Aureí Serpentis Has a New Address!

System, Mar 16, 08 4:28 PM.
Aureí Serpentis has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Zul Aman Cleared

539537421_Inactive, Mar 16, 08 4:15 PM.
Well it's been a long time coming - 3 hours later, several wipes and a few different gameplans.  WE DID IT!!
Let the farming commence, we now need to work on getting it all done and dusted in one night.  Let's hope and see how it goes.

A BIG BIG thankyou to all who put their time effort and what seems like 1000's of gold to get this finished.  No alternate text supplied.

Hexlord Gets Pumped! - Zul'Jin Running scared at 25%

539537421_Inactive, Mar 10, 08 4:27 PM.
Go AS!! Proving that it was not a fluke we once again gave the Hexlord a royal pumping!  This was a great effort by all included - we are getting better at this and I can see ZA soon being a one night farm.

We had a shot at the last boss - seems that we still need some gear, it's getting there slowly but all good.  Zul'Jin was down to 25%
Well done to all those who got loot.
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