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Horde Control
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Feb 20, 08 3:34 PM
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                            Welcome to Horde Control!
 Our objective in this guild is to maintain a tightly knit group and work our way up to level 70, but have a good time getting there. The guild is designed for the casual player who just wants to have a good time in the World of Warcraft, even if they are figuring things out for the first time. If you like to play the game but have a life to live as well, this is the guild for you, as long as you are a cool, competent person, we gladly accept you. There are no punishments for not being on all of the time, we are all busy people, and that should be embraced. We intend to help each other level up and instance; we aim to one day start end-game raiding, etc. Also, once we are all strong enough, large organized PvP and possible organized police action against the Horde. For now, we will focus on being cool people, and having a good time progressing through the game.

The Rank Structure is as follows:
Preator: One of the founding three members, has complete control over the guild.

Centurion: Guild Officer, has the power to invite, kick, set officer notes, promote Hastati through Triarii, and set the message of the day. Centurions are highly trusted by the Preators and are given much power. They are expected to carry out guild policy and make good judgments. Centurions are chosen from the exemplary enlisted personnel by the Preators under council from other centurions.

Equite (Ek-wi-tay): Highest ranking enlisted member. Chosen by popular vote among the lesser ranks, Preators or Centurions don’t decide, the people do, and you should be a seasoned Triarii to qualify. The Equite speaks for the people and his/her opinion is considered strongly. The Equite has the power to invite members, and can only be demoted or removed by a Preator. Cannot promote or demote, but recommendations are strongly considered.

Triarii (Tree-ah-re-I): Senior enlisted member, the highest achievement short of becoming an officer or Equite. The Triarii has been with the guild for a long time and is a sturdy member, whose ideas are always considered. The Triarii can only be demoted or removed by a Preator.

Principe (Prince-ih-pay): Veteren enlisted member, has stuck with the guild for a little while and has been trusted with a promotion, and is well on his/her way to ranking up.

Hastati: A fresh recruit to the guild. Proving his/herself and spending time in the guild will earn promotions.

Auxillia: An alt of another player in the guild.

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539538305_Inactive, Feb 20, 08 3:34 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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