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Guild Hall Rent
Sep 22, 08 12:10 PM
Information you may want to check out
Jun 6, 08 6:54 AM
Guild Rules
Feb 27, 08 7:54 AM
Member Rank and Status
Feb 27, 08 7:52 AM

Welcome to INN MATES

We are a level 53 guild located on the Najena server. We are always looking for new members. We are more interested in the person then in what class the person plays in game. No matter what class you play, if you are looking to have fun in a family guild atmosphere then you may have found the guild for you. We like to group together, and encourage members to group with others. As a guild we are together to help each other, please do not hesitate to ask for help.

We are allied with Nocturnal Wrath for raids. Raids are NOT mandatory, strictly voluntary. Raiding is up to 4 nights a week, but again, not mandatory.

We are also allied with Tombstone, created by former Inn Mates. If you want to group or need help and no one is on in the guild or they are too busy atm, please contact Dauk Holiday with Tombstone to see if they can help you, mention you are with Inn Mates. You can also just click on their name in the allies box and it will take you to their website where you can check to see which members they have, assuming they have added them to their site.

We want to allow our members to experience all aspects of the game, if they choose. This includes trade skilling, adventuring, and raiding. In no way does this mean all guild members must participate in all three aspects of the game. It is a game, and as such it is for fun. Inn Mates wants to make it fun for all involved.

As for when we play, we are an International guild and have members from all over the world. We have members on 24/7. Most of our members come from the United States, but we have some guild members from Singapore, China, and even Japan. We all speak English fluently and get on Voice chat to talk with one another often.

If you are interested in being an Inn Mate, please apply for access to site and fill out the application. This is so we can get to know you. Before applying, please read the guild rules below and anything else on the site you may want to read, there is some useful information.

Surepaw Mcgraw

Guild Hall Rent

Surepaw, Sep 22, 08 12:10 PM.
First, this does not reflect or have anything to do with the guild hall upfront cost to purchase it, this is only in regards to the weekly rent to maintain it.

We will divide the cost by the number of accounts in guild, then divide each equal amount by the amount below based on toon tier.

This will include:

The rent of the Guild Hall paid in coin weekly

The rent of the Guild Hall paid with personal status weekly


Here is how it will be broke down, and I am sorry if it seems unfair to some, but this is the fairest I can come up with.

This is per account, based on your highest toon, not all toons in an account.

Each account can pay with more then one toon, but the tax will be based on only the highest toon on the account.

We will divide the load by tier levels, to include both trade skill and adventurer.

Tier 1-4 (levels 1-29) will pay 0 coin, 0 status, no tax on guild hall at all to use it.

Tier 5 (level 30-49) will pay 10% coin and 10% status

Tier 6 (level 50-59) will pay 20% coin and status

Tier 7 (level 60-69) will pay 50% coin and status

Tier 8 (level 70-80) well, we get the shaft, we pay the remainder, divided by the number of T-8 accounts, so if you are level 70+, either in trade skill or adventurer, you pay the lions share of the cost. You will not be double taxed for having more then one T-8 toon. You can split the cost with all your toons if you wish.

The good news, the more people we get into the guild, the more will pay, and the amount each account will pay will go down. Of course the opposite is true as well, if people leave the guild, the amount for each account will go up.

Payment is not optional, you cannot opt out of use of guild hall. It is a TAX, plain and simple. Your paying for it, Use it!!

By not paying an accounts weekly tax, said account will forfeit their right to use the guild hall. After 30 days, if full payment is not received or a payment schedule worked out with guild, said account will be subject to removal from guild based on the circumstances around non-payment.

I am sorry if that sounds harsh, but as guild leader, I am not going to allow only certain players to pay for the guild hall and let others use it who should also be paying based on the list above.

On the other side, Inn Mates is not without understanding. We know that issues arise. We are willing to work with any and all issues that come up, after all, this is only a game.

Information you may want to check out

Surepaw, Jun 6, 08 6:54 AM.
Hello Inn Mates and anyone looking to possibly be an Inn Mate.

We have tons of information in our forums section for all to read. Information on how to play the game, what class and race may be best for you, the history of Norrath, Information on the UI, and much much more. We offer this information for anyone to benefit from, so click on the forums section and you may learn something that will help you with Everquest 2.

If you think this is good information, as a member of Inn Mates you get even more. If you are interested in becoming an Inn Mate just apply to our website and we will get back with you by in-game mail. If you have not created a character yet and are just thinking about it, but you want to talk with someone to find out more about the game, just leave us your email address and we will get back with you.

We are all here to have fun, learn how to better play this game, and enjoy everything it has to offer. Because of that we are happy to share much of our information with guild members and non-guild members alike. Enjoy.

Surepaw Mcgraw

Guild Rules

Surepaw, Feb 27, 08 7:54 AM.
Guild Rules*

These rules can change and be added to at any time.
Negligence of a rule is a non-defense.
Most infractions will be handled first with a verbal warning.
Punishment is usually demotion in rank, but can be up to and include removal from guild.

1) Constant use of profanity or offensive language in chat or in Voice chat, after being advised to please refrain from such activities.

2) Stealing of Mobs from another guild or group after they have spent countless hours trying to get the mob to spawn. If they have no room for you in their group, you will have to wait or come back another day.

3) Refusing to help a fellow Inn Mate (This is very much on a case by case basis, you may be too busy at the moment to help, or any number of reasons, but a history of such events sways towards if guilty or not).

4) Stealing of shineys, nodes, or other object that a person or group is attempting to get. (Example, shiney is surrounded by a group of aggressive mobs. person wants it and is forced to fight the mobs to get it, while fighting the mobs you take the shiney, leaving the other person having to fight the mobs and you with a collection piece).

5) Not abiding by the rule of "Need Before Greed". If you do not need it and another does, let them have it. Especially if it is no-trade. Also if it is found out you say you need it and you do not, same effect applies. Keeping an item because your alt can use it, when a member of the party you are in can already use it, is unacceptable.

6) Lack of activity on guild website compared to avatar activity over a period of time. (For every day you log onto your avatar, you should log onto the guild website, we ask for only a few minutes of your play time a day to check site. This is how many of us leave messages and communicate to other guild members, please include yourself in the communication)(For those who do not know, an avatar is the character you play in game).

7) Doing writs is a mandatory part of being a member of Inn Mates. Writs can be done at your leisure or on writ day. Refusal to do writs is punishable by demotion and can lead to removal from guild. This is a case by case basis, as heritages also add Gsp and helping others do writs and heritages may also be acceptable. As you do writs you will gain Gsp. The more Gsp you gain the higher rank you become. The higher rank, the more rewards you receive. Character level and learning curve will be added in. Characters under level 20 are not required to do writs, this is in both tradeskill and adventure level.

8) Violation of powers. Example, If a Sr. Member promotes a member without proper status being made. Violations will be looked at on a case by case basis.

9) If a guild member does not log into the game for more then 30 days without giving notice that they will be gone for a length of time, i.e. In the Army, having surgery, etc., they may be removed from the guild. When they come back they can petition to be brought back into the guild, but at the same rank as a new recruit, where they will have to earn status to go up.

10) Inn Mates allows its members to use rares from guild bank as needed. If you need a rare for an adept 3, equipment, or a quest they are there to use anytime by our members. It is a lend lease type of set up. If you use a rare, please return the same type of rare at a later date (Possibly when all the MoBs in a zone are greyed out to make it easier for you to harvest the rare). Those individuals who do not return rares in a timely manner will be subject to demotion, and may even be removed from guild. This will be on a case by case basis.

11) For security purposes, All new recruits will only be able to reach the rank of member for the first 30 days.

Most infractions will be dealt with first with a verbal warning. If the infractions continue after the verbal warning a Tribunal will be put together to deal with the infraction.

Demotion can be of rank, or up to being removed from guild. If demoted in rank, person will have to start from Gsp at start of that rank to get to next rank again. Demotions may be of more then one rank, depending on violation.

All Demotion trials will go through a Tribunal of Sr. Officers and Leaders (meaning a combination of 3 Sr. Officers and leaders, ex. 2 Sr. Officers and one leader) Majority rules.

If found guilty, some sentences will be decided on by the guild in a vote, but not all. This could be from a probationary period, up to being removed from guild. These will be rare events, and only if the guild is aware of the situation before hand. We do not wish to broadcast any infraction to the guild that does not require us to do so or is not in the best interest of the guild. Infractions are generally kept between the Tribunal and the person who is accused of the infraction.

* Negligence of these rules is not a defense.

Lets try to make the game fun for all involved, including those not in our guild. These rules are to help make it fun for all involved, please do not take them the wrong way. Without order, we have chaos. With chaos comes a failed guild, lets work to make this the best guild for all. Hey, I want to have fun too, that is what it is all about.

Member Rank and Status

Surepaw, Feb 27, 08 7:52 AM.
Member Rank and Status

Member rank is based on status.

Rank is as follows: (Gsp = Guild status points)(Gsp is earned through writs, heritages, and selling of certain items to certain NPC's)

0-99 Gsp  =   Recruit

100-499 Gsp =  Initiate

500-4999 Gsp = jr. member

5000-9999 Gsp = member

10000-99999 Gsp = Sr. member

100000+ Gsp = Officer

Sr. Officers will be chosen based on play, status, how they work with others, and if their job requires access to guild funds. If you are not chosen as a Sr. Officer, do not worry, it is in no way a reflection of you, we can only have so many Sr. Officers. This does not mean you have not earned it.

What you get at each rank:

Each rank gets what is said, plus what the rank previous to them has

Recruit = Guild chat, all recruits can only get to member status for the first 30 days before being elevated in rank, this is for security purposes.

Initiate = Guild tag, able to view guild bank 1

jr. member = Guild bank 1 access, able to view guild bank 2

Member = Guild bank 2 access, able to purchase status items, Unlimited Guild Bank 1 access, able to view Guild Bank 3 and Guild Bank 4

Sr. Member = Unlimited Guild bank 2 access, able to promote members, limited access to Guild Bank 3

Officer = Guild Bank 3 access, Officer chat, able to invite others to guild (/guild invite name) (For example: /guild invite surepaw)(When possible please advise Sr. Officers you have a potential invite, we usually have no problems with inviting a new guild member, but we like to discuss it in Officer chat before final decision. All potential recruits should apply to website and fill out application), access to guild bank 4

Sr. Officer = able to demote members*,Unlimited Guild Bank 4 access, access to guild bank 4 money, able to remove players from Guild**

Guild funds are not open to all ranks. Anyone can deposit funds, but only the leader and Sr. Officers can access funds. This is not a reflection on anyone, it is only a security measure.

*Member demotion will be on a case by case basis, see guild rules
** Removal from guild will be on a case by case basis, see guild rules
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