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Contact information
If you wish to join our Order, please contact one of the members below:

Nov 3, 08 2:36 PM
General Drakkisath
Sep 22, 08 8:05 AM
Escort Marshall Windsor
Sep 20, 08 4:16 PM
A message from the Kingdom of Stormwind
Sep 16, 08 9:30 AM
Masquerade is over
Sep 13, 08 12:43 PM
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Welcome traveller, to the Lightsworn.

We are an Order devoted to the protection and defense of our people and homelands. Our heraldic colours inspire great courage in our allies and strike fear into the black hearts of our enemies.

As a WoW roleplaying guild on the Sha'tar European server, our goal is to have fun in general, by questing together, setting up roleplay storylines, or sharing our knowledge and skills, you name it.
Please feel free to look around, and if you are interested in joining, contact one of our officers in-game. 

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Other Guild News


Kociak, Nov 3, 08 2:36 PM.
Dear Knights and Initiates, and Friends of the Lightsworn! With moving to the Menethil Keep, we  also ordered a new, more ornate version of guild bulletin.

 Please visit for the latest guild information!

General Drakkisath

Kociak, Sep 22, 08 8:05 AM.
Dear friends! We managed to reveal the evil plans and unveil the reptile driving the human kingdoms to an apparent  doom. Unfortunatelly, using her magic tricks, the Black Dragonflight mother Onyxia managed to escape while her brood attempted three attacks at th Keep.
The next step on our to rid the Azeroth of this vile creature will be to enter Upper Blackrock Spire and slay General Drakisath, a leader of black dragonspawn. We shall venture there next Sunday at 21.

Escort Marshall Windsor

Kociak, Sep 20, 08 4:16 PM.
Dear friends, Marshall Windsor finally emerged from the bowels of Deeprock Mountain and asked for assistance tomorrow at 22.00. We shall gather by the gates around 10 minutes earlier to make formation and inspect the armors and weapons. There is a possiblity of problems both from some unruly citizens of Stormwind, which should be ignored as they are simple thugs, and from nobility too - those usually have armed escorts, so be prepared!

A message from the Kingdom of Stormwind

Lightsworn_TheShatar, Sep 16, 08 9:30 AM.
My brothers and sisters, I have been approached by a courier, who handed me a scroll bearing the royal seal of the Kingdom of Stormwind. In elaborate handwriting, the scroll requests the Order's presence at the city gates this thursday at 20:00 h. latest, to escort an important, but yet nameless individual to the royal court at the Stormwind Keep. The courier detailed the great importance of our compliance to this request. And thus, I have sent word to venture there with as many of our Order as I could muster.

Please gather in the vicinity of Stormwind before 19:50h, wearing your tabard with our heraldic crest. We shall ride out to the city gates to arrive at 20:00.

((The details of this are in the forums as well - please refer to there for more information and discussion - we will set the gathering point there as well)).

Masquerade is over

Kociak, Sep 13, 08 12:43 PM.

Thanks to the combined efforts of many Lightsworn, the missing general, Marshall Windsor has been found and freed from the prison in Blackrock Mountain. He requested our help in exposing the source of corruption in Stormwind. As he is going to confront the highest of nobles in the city, he is very likely in need of military protection and escort. We shall stand by his side on Thursday, 18th of the Harvest Moon, in ready and polished armours.

All those who didn't manage to join in the jail break are still welcome to enter the depths of Blackrock Mountain in search of the information, as we only managed to retrive parts of it.

I've been just informed the Marshall had to enter the BRD again to retrive some more information the Dark Irons stole from him. Unfortunatelly, he could not tell when he will be back. Please keep checking the board to learn of the confrontation date.

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