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NOTICE TO MEMBERS (and visitors) !!!  Updates made to the site including advertising removal (again), WoW integration on several tabs (various widgets added WoW related and otherwise), and we dont really need to utilize the shoutbox for epic conversations.  The site was purged months ago of literally thousands and thousands of posts freeing up space and again I went ahead and upgraded for the increased storage (again).  The MMO market is shit right now.  I do not anticipate any guild presence in anything currently out there beyond a few people here and there.  PvP MMO's that arent dookie are becoming more rare and who knows if anything decent will ever hit the shelf again. 

 A small guild that consist of members from around the globe and from all walks of life. Our members are family, or close friends, which have developed over the years through a shared mutual interest (MMO's). We do not cater to a specific time zone.  We're an ALL adult Crowd with a long and successful multi game history.  We're heavily PvP oriented however with emphasis on a community driven & laid back environment. We're a casual group of folks (as we've all grown with the genre our "hardcore" days are over) but our experience allows us to easily shift gears into competitive and organized gameplay (successfully) when situations call for it.  We have a zero tolerance policy on drama.  We do not dictate to our members when to play, how to play or spec thier class, and we do not create intricate in-game government systems.  Priority is fun first, providing a good social dynamic, and kicking ass.


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Other Guild News

World of Warcraft

Narcix, Jan 11, 11 12:54 PM.
Several of us are playing WoW on the Emerald Dream server (Horde).  I personally have not played this game since it's first year when Dishonorable Kills and Battleground bonus honor ruined the game for me.  Since then new games have hit the scene and I've tried them all with various levels of interest and invested time (or wasted), and even re-activated a few accounts hoping changes somehow made game "X"-"Z" better.  Nothing has kept my interest outside of my Warhammer tenure.  

WoW has a stigma associated with it anyone who play's the genre is familiar with.  It's "kiddie" or its horrible, its PvP is dookie, etc, etc.  3 xpac's have been implemented since I played the game myself.  I am not going to waste anyone's time trying to consolidate a bulleted list of major changes.  There are to many.  I will mention a few however.  The dungeon finder is basically a queue utilized to experience all of the games various dungeon crawls without the necessity of waiting around on people to log in.  I'll just stop there I cannot begin to cover all of the changes made since I played last.  Simply put, I am more interested in playing this game than any I have had the displeasure of experiencing over the last several years.  I am also guilty of scoffing at the mention of playing WoW but when Nitari convinced me to give it a shot I did and I've been pleasantly surprised and victimized.  I've been sucked in.

What makes it attractive to me?  I can solo my balls off doing any number of things ranging from professions to achievements never feeling as if when I log in I really have nothing of interest to do.  What once was an experience hugely centered around and dependent upon your ability to surround yourself with dozens of other people to get anything done has shifted completely to content mostly geared towards 5 and 10 man content. 

Being on an active PvP server I get my fix of random encounters, ganking, etc.  Using only yesterday as an example, Alliance raided UC creating a fun and completely random PvP experience.  After clearing them out (an hour later) I hit a zone for some reason or another and was zerged down, beaten silly, four times by a group of players.  Eventually they left, I did was I was there to do, and moved on.  I dont mind this sort of experience one bit.  Others may get frustrated but I revel in random encounters regardless of the outcome (preferably I am not making a corpse run mind you).  Anyway, zone spam greeted me in my next area that an outpost was being attacked.  It was a lower level area with a few Alliance players terrorizing noobs.  I hooked up with another player at level cap and we spent 45min rooting them out and eventually killing them.  These are the types of experiences I have been looking for.

I know there are a few games hitting the shelf in the coming months.  Again speaking only for myself I am not messing with them.  If, after time goes by, reviews are in, initial waves of unjustified hype end, and game "X" is not trying to raise itself from the ashes, I might consider it.  I have been burned to many times to be messing around with "new" MMO's.  Despite the stereotype associated with WoW I'm diggin it.  This is more than hoping changes made will generate something more than a few months of interest.  The game has longevity for any type of player and content enough to capture and keep any players interest for some time.

Again, we're on Emerald Dream, Horde.  Come play with us.

Eternal Conscript Has a New Address!

System, Jan 11, 11 10:10 AM.
Eternal Conscript has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Age of Conan

Narcix, Aug 10, 10 9:41 PM.
Myself & Trin (and at least for the moment Nitari) are trying this again.  We're still on Set and apparently have earned status as a "legacy" guild in our absence.  Presumably for having a Tier III city city basically launch (shrug).  The jury is out but for now its plugging the hole.  We just could not stand Warhammer anymore, to linear, PvP while a constant continues to get stale, zero new content in 2yrs, and changes that ruin ORvR and specifically the "campaign" system ..... just had enough of it.

A few things look promising but are a ways out.  Guild Wars 2, Rift, who knows what else.  It's going to be awhile before any effort is made to try and rise from the ashes as no game currently warrants such an effort (at least not on my part).  Stay tuned.  Lurkers still exist around here although few rarely post (why not much to say in a dead MMO market).  We'll see you around and anyone interested feel free to hop in Conan with us.

Order Reroll

Narcix, Jul 9, 10 3:50 PM.
A handful of us rerolled Order on Badlands.  So far its been fun and kept things new and interesting.  The game itself continues to make improvements but at a snails pace and of course everyone has thier own ideas and opinions on the actual changes to content.  But, for the moment this is where we're at.

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