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Apr 2, 08 11:16 PM
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Assimilate is a guild of mostly adult, mature, dedicated, team focused, friendly gamers. We do not tolerate self centered kiddies or those seeking to benefit at the team's expense. We seek only the best players who share a similar mindset to our own and who are looking for a long term guild to call home. Red Sector A is home to many types of players from die hard PvPers to outstanding PvE players to those who excel in the economic side of WoW. All are important to our success and we are always looking for quality people to join our ranks. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Assimilate member? If so, pst an officer and join the ranks.

Assimilate has a focus on enjoying and defeating the end game of WoW. That end game consists of Hero Classes (for the individual), Raiding (for the guild) and Battleground PvP Content (for individuals and the guild). Assimilatre invests a large amount of effort into pvping and working our characters to be the best they can be. With that said, we do not lose site of what is truly important in gaming which is to have fun with friends. And when we do battlegrounds and pvp we do so with an overarching goal to have fun, as a team of friends. While it is a great game, WoW will come and go and Assimilate will still be here and most of its members will still be members in future games. So while we do play hard... we do raid hard... we do pvp hard.. and we do love to defeat the 'end game' content, we do so without losing site of our core values and focus on friends, team and our online family. If you can not locate a member please email us at

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539215332_Inactive, Apr 2, 08 11:16 PM.
Assimilate is starting Karazhan this week. I will be taking screenshots and possibly videos. We have high hopes for progression and are ready to go!

There will be a roster going up on the forums. I would like to start forming a second group so we can gear faster and get into some 25 mans soon. If you have hopes of raiding with the guild, please contact me.
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