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Elemental Heroes
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Elemental Heroes

We're More than an SG.  We are

Super Group Statement
Elemental Heroes is a super group in the universe that is City of Heroes.  We are currently number 47 on liberty server and moving up fast.  The sg is very active and has many fun loving, quirky, and helpful members who are always willing to chip in and help whatever your needs are.  Whether they be teaming, advice, questions about the game, comradery, and if you just want to chat it up, they're there.  We have a fully loaded base that has a hospital to heal your wounds, teleport pads to all zones, and a workshop for all your crafting needs.  We even have a raid tper to raid other bases.  If you're looking for a super group that's more like family, come join us.  WE ARE FAMILY!!
Patch Notes

9.23.08Version 17.20080821.9T4



  • Fixed a number of issues with the Superbooster 1: Cyborg Self Destruct power:
    • Powers which change your character’s costume (Halloween Costumes, Granite Armor) are now immediately de-activated if you activate the Self Destruct power.
    • Self Destruction power should now reliably cause you to be defeated when it goes off.
    • Fix for the never-ending camera shake that happens if you zone while the self-destruct power is counting down.
    • Removed extraneous blue dot from explosion F/X
    • Self Destruction power should correctly protect you from debt if you have other sources of Debt Protection.
    • Fixed Self Destruction icon to indicate it is not a ranged attack power
    • Fix for the issue of being defeated and self-rezzing during the countdown causing numerous character bugs


  • Cimerora: Fixed missing ocean in first mission of Imperious Task Force

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