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Imperial Operations
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Welcome to Imperial Operations

This is an area where roleplaying individuals interested in acting out missions, operations, and tasks can do so. Have you ever wanted to be a stormtrooper on a mission to find, expose, and destroy a Rebel cell? Have you ever wanted to go on an exploration for the Empire finding new sectors and systems to invite to join? That is our goal here. We want to organize specifics without having anyone leave their guild and join a new one. The Empire is one and though there are different sections (guilds in this case), they still operate together.

It is ideal that this be roleplayed as you would expect to see it. Sure there are twists and turns which is what makes it interesting; however, at the same time, there is order, respect, and discipline within the Empire. A maturity level to handle this type of roleplay is a requirement. Check out the Requirements section to see if you fit the screening.

As aforementioned, there will be order. We plan to have a designated chain of command mocking that of the Empire. We would like for proper military etiquette to also be carried out while roleplaying (i.e. saluting your officers and following chain of command among others). For more on this, check out the Etiquette section to see what is expected and what you can be punished for doing, or not doing.

Keep checking back here for updates on missions, rosters, sign-ups, and everything else Imperial.

Website Created / Under Construction

539532281_Inactive, Feb 27, 08 10:41 AM.
We have went live, though still under heavy construction. Feel free to join during this time if you wish! Thanks for all your interests.
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