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((HAVOC on GP!))
Feb 27, 08 7:17 PM
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"Ya say ya wanna werk fer Nym
, eh?"

Meet the Boss.

He doesn't just let anyone work for him. If you're just some pathetic scum, some diseased, old traditionalist, some talentless son-of-a-gundark looking for some crap freelance work, well... don't even bother showing your face. Nym takes only the most seasoned, loyal, toughest and meanest "soldiers" to fill his ranks. Think you got what it takes to get the job done and make a name for yourself in strongest pirate crew in the galaxy? Then bring your sorry ass over to the Karthakk system and fill out an application with the King of Lok himself. Over 80% of applicants are turned away at first glance- so you'd better talk nasty and dress sharp, you kriffin' disgusting pile of snorbal poodoo. We guarantee it will be a life-changing experience!

((HAVOC on GP!))

539506028_Inactive, Feb 27, 08 7:17 PM.
((Got the site up, under construction at the moment, pardon the mess.))
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