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Immortals to be on SW:TOR
Sep 25, 09 10:30 PM
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!!! The Immortals Has Moved to Please Sign up there, The Immortals, Rohan Riders and Broken Promise will all fall under this new site!!!

Cheers Nemeses & Blounty.

The immortals NOW have a new Mumble server: Port: 6112 - No Password required

~Broken Promise~ & -The Immortal's-

In a land torn by strife, the Dark Lord Mentupherra, called the emissaries from all the tribes to a council of peace with a promise that harmony between the factions be procured and their lands safe in their absence.
On arrival at Mentupherra, towering palace above the mighty river xyria, their armies were destroyed by witchcraft and inner betrayals as dormant spies resurrected their allegiances.

The leaders alone were spared, their worth on the slave market too great a temptation for Mentupherra. A long and treacherous voyage took them across desert wastelands to a viscious land where they boarded a ship bound to a new destiny. However, fate was waiting to deal a different hand and a terrible storm tore the ship apart on rocks and flung the survivors onto a strange and dangerous shore.

The horrific journey which had seen their numbers decimated had however achieved what the council of peace had set out to do and those that remained forged an alliance to achieve what they had left their lands so many months ago to do. Together they would fight for the freedom of their people and peace in this land so decimated by war and savagery.
Individually they were strong, but united their power could be the saviour or destruction of all of Hyboria.
They are the Guild of the ~Broken Promise~ and nothing can stop them...

Yes guys the original founders of the Immortals guilds will be yet again launching us onto a new platform, the upcoming release of SW:TOR will see the Immortals out in force again.

Please add names to forums of those looking to join, its early days yet but a head start is never a bad thing.

As for the immortals now on AoC & WaR we have a new vent server, Server Port:  6523 - No Password required

Add me 2Rogue on xfire for any info ( 2rogue been Nemeses)


Immortals to be on SW:TOR

*Nemeses*, Sep 25, 09 10:30 PM.
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