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gardevoir4020 (Member) 3/23/2012 1:19 AM EST : Super Psionica

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Basic Info:
Secret Identity: Samantha Lee Jones
Codename: Super Psionica
Alias(es): None
Nicknames: Sam, Sammy, Sammy-Jo, Jo
Birthdate: October 21
Age: Unknown
Religion: Nondenominational Christian
Gender: Female
Origin: Human Mutant
Archetype: Controller
Affiliation: Next Gen
Romantic Associations: None
Known Family: Dan Jones (Father), Eliza Jones (Mother), Nichole Jones (Half-Sister), Daniel Jones (Brother, Deceased)
Primary Powers: Illusion Control
Secondary Powers: Force Field
Other Powers: Telekinetic Flight, Telepathic Invisibility, Teleportation
Known Enemies: (TBD)


Moving to Rhode Island at a young age, the girl that would one day become Super Psionica realized she was in for a lot more trouble than she could ever imagine. One day while walking home from high school, she was kidnapped by a group of masked thugs. Unknowingly utilizing her telepathic abilities, Samantha Lee Jones fabricated a flood killing her captors. Sent to an asylum because of her "crazy" story, she learned how the flood appeared by practicing her psionic gifts in her enclosed cell. Seeing the water pour out from her cell window, the guards gave her freedom as well as a life of crime fighting and heroic work. Taking on the name of Super Psionica, Sam fights for the people of Paragon, even if it means sacrificing herself for the ones she loves.


Super Psionica was born Samantha Lee Jones, a grounded down-to-earth girl who, at a young age, moved from sunny Fresno, California, to the famous Paragon City; the City of Heroes. Sam lived there throughout her teenage life, grown accustomed to the meta-human population.

However, when she was walking home from her high school one day, a group of thugs kidnapped her and broght her into an abandoned warehouse. They tied her up and gagged her. Even worse, they started to torture her, scraping her with a dull pocket-knife. Her fear caused her powers to manifest. Suddenly, a tidal wave was rushing down throughout the building, flooding the room her and her kidnappers were in. Sam, shocked as could be, was somehow able to breathe, but the thugs were suffocating, and finally died. After Sam calmed down, the water started to fade dropping her suspended enemies to the ground. A few minutes later, the cops arrived releasing Sam from her bindings. When they asked her what happened, her story was considered "crazy" and she was sent to an asylum.

At the asylum, Sam was free to move about in her lifeless cell. There was a tiny window allowing her access to the outside world, but other than that was just a grey wall holding a grey, old, locked door. After coping with herself, she started to wonder if what happened was her doing. For a few months, she tried to project the same flood that occurred in the warehouse. After successfully animating water rising in her cell, the guards outside saw the water rushing out of her tiny window and released her to a facility where she would learn how to control her newfound powers.

After years of a private education and superhero training, Samantha would become Super Psionica.

Fighting crime and solving cases with the PPD, her fame rose rapidly among the public. Her personality showed even more when she helped fight fires in many districts of the city, and donated most of her money from her acting and singing career to charities. She quickly became a valued member of the community and was even appointed as a UNICEF envoy for her goodwill and selfless acts.

Currently, Sam spends most of her time helping rebuild Galaxy City utilizing her telekinetic abilities to fix ruins and her telepathy to try and find more survivors.


Samantha is a more quiet, down-to-earth character. She is pretty shy unless your friends with her, then you can never get her to talk. Fortunately, making friends with her is pretty easy.

Samantha likes to think of herself as a female version of Dr. Phil. Even though she didn't graduate from college with a major in psychology, she can be a really good therapist. It may be the fact that she is a telepath that she is incredibally good at healing people emotionally.

Due to her very political mother, Sam is a huge conservative republican, but she doesn't take what her mother taught her for granted. She is less biased than her mom, but understands a lot about politics. One of her favorite things to do is debate about politics with others.

Samantha is a baptized Non-denominational Christian giving her life to Christ at a young age.

One good thing about Sam is that she tolerates other people's beliefs, but that doesn't always mean she agrees with them, which is pretty understandable.

Samantha fights for what she believes in. If someone makes a crude remark about something or someone she cares about, she will defend it/them.

Negatively speaking, Sam is kind of stubborn, and sometimes always has to have the last word. She does try to work on this, but she does occasionally slip up.

Overall, Sam is a very likeable person, very grounded, but also headstrong about her beliefs.


In the past year, Samantha has asked the governor of Rhode Island to lift registration for super powered beings. Understanding that this may have a downfall, she thinks it brings much more safety for the families of supers. The point she makes reguarding this is:

  • What if a supervillain hacks the registration database allowing him/her to read personal files. This could lead to the kidnapping of family members or close friends as hostages, or even for revenge. One super that may have been affected by this was the issue with Statesman and his daughter.

Though her name is already known throughout the world, she fights this registration act in hopes of allowing future supers the freedom to fight crime all the while knowing that their family is safe from harm.

Powers and Abilities:


Utilizing her telepathy when her powers first manifested, Sam was and still is able to project realistic images into her enemies minds. These images, or illusions, are so realistic that they can actually cause death. For instance, When she conjured that flood, it caused her kidnappers to drown even though there was sufficient oxygen in the warehouse. Even lethal illusions make her enemy's body react as if it were real. For example, if Sam were to fabricate a gun and shoot it at her victim, their body would bleed in response to the illusionary bullets. Sam is also capable of controlling others using her telepathy, as well as speaking to people telepathically from far distances. She is even skilled enough to communicate with intellectual animals such as dogs, ravens, whales, bats, etc. Sam can also project her mind into the astral plane, as well as generate telepathic force blasts that can stun, or even kill others.


When her powers first manifested, Sam was unable to utilize her telekinesis. Now, her skills have increased so much that she can lift items of up to 50 tons or more. She is even capable of suppressing someone that is moving at super high speeds or objects moving at high speeds in space. With her telekinesis, Sam is also able to create semi-permeable, telekinetic shields. She has perfect control over what can go through these shields. Using these shields, Sam can kill someone by creating one around the head of her enemy while not allowing oxygen to get through the walls, or even expand one inside her enemy's body.However, she doesn't use her powers in that manner. Another way of manipulating these shields is the use for unaided flight in space by blocking out the cold in her shield. Sam can also unleash powerful telekinetic blasts.


After graduating from her private high school studies, Sam went back to Fresno to go to college. She graduated from Fresno Pacific University with a major in performing arts and theater.


Samantha is a part-time actress primarily working in superhero movies, but also pursues in "regular" acting. She also has signed with a record label and is now a part-time singer/songwriter.


*Though she has registered and her real identity isn't secret, Sam doesn't agree with allowing the government to know your secret identity. The fact that Statesman's daughter was murdered justifies her reasons.

*Sam is a Non-denominational Christian.

*You can find her on

I'm really sorry for creating so many threads about the same character. I've been through a number of renames, but I don't know how to delete the old threads. Again, I'm very sorry!

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