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Omnikron (Member) 12/18/2008 8:03 AM EST : The Christmas present
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Placing her ornament on the tree Morgana stepped back to make sure it's placement was perfect, shaking her head she moved it to another branch. "I think it looked fine where it was" Scott said as the steam from his hot chocolate fogged his glasses, "of course everyone else will put their ornament up so might just keep it where it's at" he continued. Looking over her shoulder "I understand but to me it is a perfect location" Morgana said as she began to walk towards Scott "Of course I do know this and for the first time in a long time I am happy", placing Scott's ornament in his hand Morgana took his glass "Now it is your turn". Taking the ornament he walked over to the tree "I think I know of a good spot for it" he said as he place the ornament on a branch next to Morgana's, walking back he noticed Morgana was standing under the mistletoe that he had hung up earlier. With a grin "and I'm happy that your here as well" Scott said "and I want to give you a early Christmas present", He slowly moved his hands toward her face "now it's cheating a little bit when your under the mistletoe" removing her convertor Morgana smiled "I did see it you are not very good in stealth" The kiss was gentle, with her eyes still closed and a grin on her face a soft wheeze was heard as Morgana breathed in deeply "more then you thought it was" Scott said, putting her converter back on "it was and more" Morgana said "this has been a very good Christmas".

((just something different for this time of year  ))
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