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Zero Grid (Member) 10/5/2010 12:39 PM EST : Frozen Moments aka Captured Images of Life in the Tower

Zero Grid
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(Hello all.  I was approached about doing a post to sort of show the other tasks and activities going on in the Tower.  If anyone would like to add to this thread with their own character's inner thoughts or activity in the Tower please do.  Heck if anyone wants to have a conversation in the med zone Zero can overhear accidentally please feel free.   Anyways I hope you enjoy it)

Grant and Heather had become almost permanent fixtures in the Tower these days. Heather was greatly enjoying her role as a guidance counselor, sharing her knowledge and strength to those in need. While Grant was now a jack of all trades, helping wherever he was needed. He hadn't accepted any role or title, prefering as usual to keep himself out of the command structure. Though for some reason most of his requests for assistance were from Lightnyng. First it was filling in for her if she couldn't teach her ethics class and now he had been asked to inventory all the med bays and the supplies. A daunting task to be sure considering the nature of their organization.

Grant had began with the studen dispensary, since it was in use most often. It had been an all-nighter as soon as classes were over to ensure he got an accurate count before the nurses were handing out aspirins and cold medication the next day. Why was it that students were always the first ones to come down with something? And two weeks later it was making its rounds through the whole Tower. A tired Grant had shared a breakfast with Heather before she was back at her duties and he could sleep the sleep of the dead before tackling the actual medical bays in the Tower. He could just see the rows and rows of shelves before him, filled with gauze, bandages, medications, syringes and every medical instrument known to man and some perhaps not known as well.

Sadly the medical bays of Next Gen got more use then they would have liked. Of course there was research being done and less traumatic endeavors, but there was many a day that someone was occupying a bed and recieving visitors. Once he was in the supply rooms, many would forget that Grant was there and he was hearing some interesting conversations. Some were a little personal and he smiled at the feelings and spoken words of emotion and caring that crossed his ears. He was in there the night that Lightnyng confronted Masquarading Facades about this new threat that had attacked Mia's family. "Angels of Man" they were calling themselves. Another sanctimonious group of "normal humans" that wanted to save mankind from the abberation that were mutants. Grant lost count as an inhuman anger filled him at such bigotry and senseless violence, only to be replaced by a deep sense of sympathy for Mia. His own father's death was still fresh in his mind and it seemed as if David's murder would forever haunt him. Hearing that her mother might have been deceased and the anguish in Mia's tone tore at his heart. His mind wasn't in the task at hand anymore as soon as he knew he could exit without embarrasing either with his prescence he left and headed for home. He spent the night telling Heather all he had heard and then just held her as she slept, while he lay awake reliving the saddest moments of his life. It was a long time before his own eyes finally closed in slumber, tinged with redness from tears he could no longer shed.

He was on his way back to the inventory the next day, when he encountered Lightnyng. She told him Mia's mother was still alive and he was relieved she had been spared living through that loss. Before he could even begin his work though they now found themselves facing an unknown visitor who appeared suddenly in the entrance to the Tower. What shocked Grant even more was when Lightnyng sent him a private message over the comm indicating he should take the lead in discovering the lady's identity and intentions. Grant had a sudden image of himself sitting at a desk before Lightnyng's office with a name plaque that read "Secretary" before him.

Taking the lead was not a role he was used to at all, but now he found himself speaking of the Tower and its goals and offering aid to the young lady, who it seems is a mutant herself and from an alternate dimension. Tesla McGuire's views of their world and the crime levels served a poignant reminder to Grant just how many people were suffering such violence everyday and he was shocked to discover that he almost resented her for reminding him of such. Getting his emotions under control, he listened as she brought word of a new threat to their world and he just wanted to sigh inwardly. Something though in the conversation made a change in Grant.

There was always going to be another threat to the world. Another crisis to their way of life or for mutant kind. Grant quietly vowed to himself that no matter what they faced, he would always be there to remind Next Gen and the world at large that it wasn't about stopping evil or the battles. It was about saving lives, it was about offering support and guidance. Giving hope to the world and the next generation, showing them that it was okay to have dreams and to be happy and no there really was nothing to be afraid of in the dark.

But as the clipboard in his hand reminded him there was still the simple tasks to be done and he smiled and began the hum a soft tune as he made his way back to the med bays and the mountainous inventory still waiting to be conquered.

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Lightnyng (Applicant) 10/6/2010 2:03 PM EST : RE: Frozen Moments aka Captured Images of Life in the...
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I like this one Santorum,  it has a nice gentle feel to the situation and shows how a person has to cover a number of jobs in Next Gen that may not be under the job heading.   It has a good, smooth feel to the story and the pacing remains steady throughout.  The bits of humor add to the reality and show us some of the thought processes and personality of Zero-Grid.  I enjoyed reading this.

Lickis (Applicant) 10/22/2010 12:41 AM EST : RE: Frozen Moments aka Captured Images of Life in the...
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Wootz!  Tesla got a mention and helped change him!!  and soon.. SOON!  all yeh doubting fools shall see!  She was right!  DEWM is coming!!

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