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Forums : Screenshots > Lemurian Invasion: The Bleak Harbinger
Karai (SuperAdmin) 3/18/2013 9:09 PM EST : Lemurian Invasion: The Bleak Harbinger
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This mission is all sorts of insanity. Millenium City is a ruin, fishmen invade with fighter jets and in the end a giant monster worth of being an enemy of Godzilla gets shot by an airship. From what I know this is an event mission and will not be up much longer (it will reapear periodicaly). You need to have a level 35 toon to do it and if you do I highly recommend you try while it i still up. Bring some 30 minutes or so of patinece but its not nearly as long as a TF.

And isn't this the biggest ugliest fucker you've seen around the game so far?

The view from bellow is even worse. That thing can cover your whole screen.

Of course the screenshot just shows my energy builder but honestly even my "fire all weapons" felt like throwing beans at it.

With all the Lemurian Excojets and players in the air its a glorious sky battle but I just couldn't capture a shot that showed it fully. Still that this scene is Tech in level 3 speed more in-flight right in the middle of combat. The only thing that can even compare would be mothership raids and eventhere you didn't fly maneuvers on your own like you're an actual superhero.
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