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Elianta (Council) 1/13/2013 1:26 PM EST : CO application: Taravana
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Hero Name: Taravana
Aliases / Nicknames: Sylvia Ruth Jarret
Short Description:
Age: 23
Place of Birth: Pearl City Hawaii
Sylvia Ruth Jarret always loved the ocean. The old Divers that taught her her profession told her it loved her back. She just never knew just how much.

Every inch the surf-nut Sylvia coasted slowly through her teen years into a lazy adulthood working odd Dives and Sunday surf lessons for tourists to keep her modest rent applied and her gear intact. Despite her languid lifestyle she was in high demand for her skills under the ocean waves.

It was out on a dive for National Geographic when the Accident happened. Sylvia had been down deep exploring an old WWII wreck when her line suddenly pulled taut, dragging her face-first into a rusted deck-plate. As water rushed in through the broken shatterproof glass and the pressure blew out her eardrums Sylvia thought she was a goner.

But the Ocean loved her. She woke up with a choking gasp, half-rooted by a strange coral that had grown into the joints of her diving suit, breathing in sea water as if it were the sweetest oxygen. The dark water was clear as day to her as she panicked, unsure which way was up or down.

A latent mutation, previously only an extra developed inner ear and expanded lungs had emerged fully formed while she slumbered beneath the waves. Somehow she'd ended up in an underground cavern, and....that's where her memory gets hazy. The next thing she remembers is stumbling up on to a Los Angeles beach, choking on the air like a fish out of water, covering in strange, glowing coral and with a far different appearance than the one she'd had when she last went under.

After a couple weeks of sitting in a salt-water pressure tank at the nearest Aquarium she jury-rigged her suit to contain a higher-pressure oxygen mix matching that of the caves. The boat she'd gone out with was never found but she could finally walk around again, albeit dripping water and hooked up to her diving suit like an alien.

Not sure what to do with her the LAPD released her into UNTIL care, where eventually she found her way to NeXt Gen.

Mutant Powers: Can change barometric pressure, move and shape water moisture in the air. Create a pressure differential that allows her to float, and can use these pressures to increase or decrease temperature, resulting in ice and water formation.
Other Skills & Abilities: Diving, air and water equipment repair. Boating. Good Surfer.
Personality Keywords: Open and outgoing, if a bit shaken by her late mutant awakening.
Likes: Sun fun and surf. Diving and swimming.
Dislikes: Deserts, earthquakes, bad waves, corporate stiffs
[not up yet. WIP!]

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Karai (SuperAdmin) 2/21/2013 5:29 PM EST : RE: CO application: Taravana
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Eli makes alts! We are doomed! Doomed I say!
Also I suspect this is the radioactive surfer who bit Streetshark. It all makes sense now.
Looks good Eli but the crowd demands a screenshot.
*points at the assembled fraggles and all dancing and shoouting for pictures*
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