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Dionte11 (Member) 1/14/2013 9:36 PM EST : Application: Meta-Angel

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  • Hero Name: Dreshawn  Ponder
  • Short Description:Very friendly, but not very sociable. A bit weird.
  • Aliases / Nicknames:Meta-Angel
  • Age: 19
  • Place of Birth: Westside
  • Background: A young boy born for destined things. At a young age his parents always knew that one day he would make a difference in this world. When the young Dreshawn  turned age sixteen, a strange breed of aliens abducted him. He was scared and didn't know what to do. They were trying to extract his dormant mutation. To extract it, they first had to make the mutation active. They began giving him different variations of stress to see if the mutation acted upon a reaction to some stimuli. They noticed that they had to accelerate his genes in order to activate his mutation. They then accelerated the particles in his DNA so that the mutation had quickly emerged. Once his powers had emerged, Dreshawn immediately woke up. Seeing the strange aliens, he panicked and broke a whole through the alien ship's hub. Once out the ship, he began to fall back down to the city. He didn't know what to do as his wings began to flap allowing him to fly. He was stunned at his new found growth and abilities. His enhanced senses allowed him to become better at doing what he felt. While on the alien ship, the aliens refereed to Dreshawn as Meta-Angel. 
  • Mutant Powers: Bird wings that have a 6'0 wingspan. Enhanced senses and abilities, some healing qualities.
  • Other Skills & Abilities: Ran some track in middle school, and played little football.
  • Personality Keywords: Sarcastic but smart.
  • Likes: Equality and Peace.
  • Dislikes: Hateful people, corrupt government, evil alien races, mutant haters.
  • Screenshot: Coming soon.
  • So how did you hear about the Next Gen and why did you decide you want to join us?: I was in NG since we played in CoH
    Did you read our 3 rules of combat as found in the section "The Art of War"?: Yes



Karai (SuperAdmin) 2/21/2013 5:35 PM EST : RE: Application: Meta-Angel
GP User: K4r4i
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Winged mutant, works just fine. You might wanna cut back on the sciency details a bit, half of that stuff exists and does other things than these aliens seem to think but the bio is fine. Also: No screenshot!

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Karai (SuperAdmin) 3/4/2013 6:05 PM EST : RE: Application: Meta-Angel
GP User: K4r4i
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And Meta Angel has official been hired by Next Gen. Congratulations.
Characters: Falke

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