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Atlas Angel (Applicant) 2/12/2013 11:23 AM EST : Application: Flash Forward

Atlas Angel
Posts: 215

  • Hero Name: Flash Forward


  • Short Description: Since birth, her mutatation was obvious. Purple skin, red eyes and white hair. She stands at around 5'9, and has clawed fingers and toes.

  • Aliases / Nicknames: Nuru Mubarak

  • Age: 18

  • Place of Birth: Cairo, Egypt

  • Background: Being born different where tradition is important was very hard on Nuru. Being harassed her entire life, even her own parents were ashamed of her, she never felt wanted or accepted. So imagine her surprise when she found about a school full of mutants in the United States. She had to go, who would miss her at home? So she ran away looking for a way to get to America until she found herself in Millennium City.

  • Mutant Powers: Fights with her clawed hands and feet (when needed). She also heals quickly The hero name “Flash Forward” was given to her because of her ability to teleport.

  • Other Skills & Abilities: She's a very good cook. Can speak fluent Arabic. Her English is getting better.

  • Personality Keywords: Shy, loyal, friendly, always feels innadequate compared to others

  • Likes: Ever since coming to America she's experienced the joys of Rock-n-Roll. She fell in love with Pizza as well. Also a good book

  • Dislikes: Racism, Bullies, bugs

  • Screenshot



Karai (SuperAdmin) 2/21/2013 5:49 PM EST : RE: Application: Flash Forward
GP User: K4r4i
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Hey Tank, extra cookies for having a screenshot!
Also I seriously just made a teleporting mutant with the same skintone the day before you showed up with that one. Thankfully our multi dimension backround lets me just do that anyway, yay
One rather anoying little demand I have here is that this girl actualy needs to be a hero of a sort however minor. We have left the school with City of Heroes and at this point Next Gen only hires people who they think can help them fight crime, save kittens and keep realizty from unraveling. Still it is an organization that hires mutants and helpsthem train so it probably still looks mighty attractive from someone who's prosecuted for what they are.

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