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Karai (SuperAdmin) 2/28/2013 5:30 PM EST : Application: Blight
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  • Hero Name: Blight
  • Short Description: Biotech angel of death

  • Aliases / Nicknames: In her own home dimension Blight was known by many titles by the humans too afraid to user her real name from the reaper to the angel of pain. On Champions-Earth she is sometimes known as “that catty bitch”
  • Age: 20 (visible age) / 117 (unprecise has the first 20 years are a guess based on appearance).
  • Place of Birth: New Eden realm, alternate earth (Infinity databank entry: A96W). New Eden is a whole continent ruled by a mutant elite, hunting the surviving humans as slave labor and culling any excess population. Blight was born into this dystopia fully formed, stepping from the splicing tanks in a body built to kill and a thirst for life that can never be completely quenched. She had no memories of her prior life, like her fellow harbingers her new life would be completely dedicated to proving the superiority of the metahuman race.

Prospering in the fierce competition of the harbingers she found herself ruling her own domain from a dark citadel burning in her own green ghostlight. Controlling several slave cities and ruling a court of other mutants she ruled over her share of New Eden spreading terror to dominate and rule in the name of her master.

  • Background: After being saved from the end of her universe by the Infity’s transport beams the captured Blight was at first judged as unsuitable to work for the greater good as part of Next Gen. However former villains and war criminals have reformed and worked with NG in the past. Galaxyan woke Blight while the Infity recorded the destruction of her universe, letting her see the complete annihilation that threatened all realities. Posessing a keen instinct for survival and the power to potentially live forever Blight agreed that minor differences in opinion about little details like torture and genocide would have to be put aside until this threat is vanquished. She agreed to work within the rules of Next Gen for the greater purpose of saving all realities and thus herself.

Galaxyan chose Grim Ichor’s iteration of Next Gen as the most suitable testing ground for the new agent. With Grim Ichor being a fromer villain herself she was judged to be both empathic and ruthless enough to recognize and in an emergency eliminate Blight should she get out of control.

Contrary to the fears of Next Gen Command Blight fit this universe like a glove, completely reinventing herself within a matter of days. The evil overlord, leading armies of destruction was gone, replaced with Victoria VanKleef, a woman catering to the darkest taste of high society, acquiring wealth and influence at frightening speed. Marrying into money two times within the first quarter year she secured her status as a black widow. Changing even further after her basic status was secured she stopped such crimes turning herself into a professional dominatrix using her skills to provide unmentionable entertainment to even the most jaded of Millenium City’s elite. Instead of competing with Grim Ichor she befriended her new leader, already used to accepting that there may be one person she has to listen to from her old life. She uses her skills and experience to support the other mutants in Next Gen, her self-interest making her wish to improve the strength of her new family.

As a superhero Blight is still a frightening side since none of her masks can hide her nature as a killer if she uses her powers to fight. Turning a weakness into a strength she made use of that too, making sure she is seen fighting the worst scum of Millenium City. She has already been caught on camera, explaining the killing of Viper terrorists in front of witnesses by mentioning the school just in the next street and asking if it is not better for everyone if such individuals can not come back. She makes sure she is only seen while fighting the worst examples of villains, holding back in other cases if necessary to protect the image of a dark but necessary avenger of the innocent.

Still Blight does make some enemies among her team with her often cruel or demeaning remarks and what happens within her three story luxury apartment after the door closes behind the last guests is a matter best not investigated too closely. Some villains just seem to vanish after engagements with Blight after all. Being infinitely patient this evil has not reformed, it has only evolved into a more civilized and calculating form.

Mutant Powers: Blights mutant power is to drain life energy from those around her, her touch can even kill otherwise incorporeal lifeforms. Her touch is mindnumbingly painful, causing cellular destruction on a massive scale not too different from radiation. Unlike radiation the damage done by her powers seems to heal on its own if she stops before consuming her victim’s life completely. She can also use this power at range, green whisps of balelight waving from her to her enemies, transferring their life to her. This stored life energy can be used to heal herself.*

*Since her mirror image Blight uses the same power and uses the stolen energy in explosive bursts of power it stands to reason that Blight might have had the same ability before she was transformed into a more efficient form by the biotechs of her homeworld

The deathlight: If Blight does release her power outside of her body it is not escaping energy but a field of death that drains even more power into her. During combat this can take the form of green balefire flaring around her and matching lightning striking from her claws and weapons. In combat enemies often die simply from being near Blight without any active effort on her part once her deathfield is fully active.

It takes active effort for Blight to not drain others with her touch and while she can hold back it is always painful. She can only limit the extend of the damage she causes for a short time which is why she usually covers herself in robes and gloves.

  • Other Skills & Abilities:
  • Regeneration: Blight’s body is built to store the solen life energy her powers provide her. If wounded the inside of her skin looks like black chitinous substance, instead of blood her body is fileed with a green goo that hardens the moment it gets into contact with air. Her organs seem to the same substance as the inside of her skin, held by a skeleton that has more in common with hardened plants than normal bone structure. This body while no more resilient than a normal humans can heal itself with a minimal waste of sotred energy and store many times the amounts of life force her original form could.

  • Superstrength: While looking deceptively frail, almost starved Blight’s body is capable of immense feats of strength. Powered by the stolen energy inside her, her claws have ripped through steel and she wields her massive scythe as if it were a toy. Her strength is mostly limited by the resilience of her body. While she is easily strong enough to simply walk through a concrete wall her own body would break under the impact before the wall would. She has lifted objecs as heavy as cars for short times but the strain would cause damage to her (which she would of course regenerate) if she tried to do so for more than a moment. She has an instinctual understanding of the limits her body can take and rarely shows classic feats of superstrength for this reason. This makes it only more jarring to observe the strength she can exhibit if forced to do so.

  • Weapons: Like all Harbingers Blight wields a mystech weapon that increases and controls her powers. Hers is a is a multidimensional scythe named the Widow, which can cut through anything from flesh, bone and steel to ghosts and celestial beings if wielded with enough strength. She can summon this scythe at any time and channel some of her lifedrain abilities through it, gaining more strength with each enemy she defeats. Additonaly she can summon and control magitech chains that seem to burst out from under her clothing. These chains pull enemies into her deathlight, hold them in place or are used as whips.

  • Flight: Releasing her powers in a stabilized deathfield behind her Blight can create wings of green shimmering darkness that carry her without a sound. These wings are immaterial but their touch is as deadly as any of her other energy manifestations.

  • The swarm: As perhaps the ultimate visible manifestation of her lost humanity Blight’s body can turn into a swarm of black chitinous locust-like biomachines, each one carrying some of her essence with it. She rarely uses this power, either because she dislikes the effect or because it drains too much power.


  •  Personality Keywords: Cruel, power-hungry, calculating, patient.
  • Likes:
  • Survival: To such an extend she is willing to play a hero for years if she must.
  • Society: Blight finds the vibrant life of Millenium City much more pleasant than the wastelands at home. She loves everything about it, the misery of the lower classes, the number of villains that provide a morally acceptable outlet for cruelty and violence, the decadence of the rich and all the entertainment from shows to potential playthings.

  • Grim Ichor: The current leader of Next Gen and Blight seem to spend significant amounts of their spare time in casual conversation. Currently Grim Ichor may be the only being on Champion’s earth that Blight considers her equal.
  • Intervene: Blight’s relationship to her teammate seems very unusual for her. No one knows if they are friends or more but Blight tries to keep her usual demanding attitude in check then in the healing mutant’s company and seems to show something like genuine affection. Considering Intervene’s own powers create a living energy field that placates Blight’s own deathlight it may just be that she values the other mutant as an infinite battery to slate her thirst. On the other hand she seems fascinated the possibility of a living thing that does not suffer under her touch.

  • Dislikes:
  • Disrespect: While sometimes catty Blight will at most times be unfailingly polite even towards her enemies. If treated poorly she does not resort to harsh language, her direct next step of escalation after reminding someone to be civil is unspeakable suffering and torture.

  • Being bored: Blight finds Millenium City endlessly entertaining and despises being held in meetings or conversations that entertain her. This also explains why she essentialy has 3 jobs while also doing her duties as a superhero. Being bored by another person is one of the few things that can make her lose her temper if she has to endure it for a long time.

  • Flayer: Victoria Cross is Blight’s mirror in this reality, the same person in a different life. Blight seems to go out of her way to avoid any contact between herself and Flayer which isn’t too hard considering her mirror thinks Blight is an "inconceivable cunt". Blight’s dislike for Flayer seems far too extreme even considering Flayer’s lack of manners or underclass background. Even she isn’t aware of the exact reason which is that deep down Blight is utterly terrified of getting to know her mirror-self. She is completely comfortable with what she is and what she does but the idea that perhaps all she is may be a lie and she may just be another victim, a tool manipulated by those who turned her into a harbinger would shatter her own self-image completely. She will go to almost any length to avoid finding out about Flayer’s personality and risk realizing that her unmodified mirror may not be a sadistic monster.

  • Screenshot:Seriously now?

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Karai (SuperAdmin) 2/28/2013 7:07 PM EST : RE: Application: Blight
GP User: K4r4i
Posts: 285

And this is what I get for creating a biography after a character has hit max level and has several months of RP behind it. Just too much stuff.
Also this one should show of my dislike for all sorts of magical and demonic backrounds because I had to go out of my way to find a reason to have a mutant with shadow wings and a scythe. If I had any sense two thirds of this thing could be deleted and replaced with "Is a death demon from the netherrealms" or something like that.
Characters: Falke

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