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Forums : Generall Discussion > Hey Everyone...:)
Enfirite (Member) 2/3/2010 3:24 PM EST : Hey Everyone...:)

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So...I know I just started this event...but a sickness just laid me low for like the last 3 days...I should be better by the weekend...I am hopeing to have an RP team run my first mish this weekend...and then I will start working on the next story. Sorry it's taking so long....

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Galaxyan (Member) 2/3/2010 7:21 PM EST : RE: Hey Everyone...:)
Guardian of the Infinity
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Get better soon Enfi! We've been in your mission, los of fun. I want to strangle you for the Sappers but life's hard like that
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Elianta (Council) 2/3/2010 10:37 PM EST : RE: Hey Everyone...:)
The Sunflower
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eww sappers:p!

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