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Forums : Generall Discussion > Heroes of all cities! Champions says goodbyes to COH with a double XP weekend.
Karai (SuperAdmin) 12/1/2012 11:09 AM EST : Heroes of all cities! Champions says goodbyes to COH ...
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Way to show class. Also good marketing. The two don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Tomorrow, the Super Powered MMO genre will lose a flagship title. For over eight years, the folks at Paragon Studios and NCsoft helped run an amazing title, but they couldn’t do it alone. It also took a fanbase as loyal, friendly and welcoming as the one that truly was a City of Heroes.

Everyone who has ever played City of Heroes is a part of the story. They built the city up to its great heights every time they saved a citizen or stopped an AV – or as rogues, sought to spread mayhem in the name of Recluse. Whether they were developers working for Cryptic Studios or for Paragon Studios at the time, playing in Atlas or just reading their favorite comics, the fans made City of Heroes, and showed everyone the world needs more heroes.

Thank you,

The Champions Online team

This weekend, every player can get double XP. Whether you're starting a new character or reaching for Level 40, heroics await you in Champions Online.

Fly through levels with this XP weekend, unlocking new powers and Specialization points. Talk to Witchcraft to earn a four-hour boost to EXP you gain – to re-up the boost, just talk to her again. You’ll be able to get this boost from 6 PM Pacific on Friday (Nov. 30) through 10 AM on Monday (Dec. 3). Witchcraft is right outside the Powerhouse in Renaissance Center.

In addition, if you have a new account or haven't yet claimed yours, you can get a free Favor of the Champions XP boost: 20% more XP for an hour. This is a free gift for completing the tutorial – you can claim yours through the web store at the link, or in the Bonus tab of the in-game C-Store.

Plus, if you're a new player, keep an eye out for Community Manager TrailTurtle, character name Iris Irregular@trailturtle. He and a number of other community members will be happy to help you with any questions you might have about Champions Online.

Double XP will last until Monday at 10 AM; we hope to see you on Millennium City's streets this weekend

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Intervene (Member) 12/2/2012 4:12 AM EST : RE: Heroes of all cities! Champions says goodbyes to ...
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