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539647166_Inactive (Applicant) 8/7/2008 3:59 PM EST : Work Release

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It was the clicking of the high-heelsthat got the warden's attention. Few women ever entered the Zigvoluntarily. As the steps approached his office, he began to wonderwho would be coming to see him. Probably one of thoseofficious, social-worker types that are trying to get more rights forthe scum in here. God, they need a day in the Zig themselves, I betthat'd change their tune. He was surprised when the womanentering had little resemblance to his suppositions.

The first thing he noticed was the wayher dress seemed to hug every curve, accentuating them while at thesame time drawing his gaze upward, away from the long, athletic legs. Breasts that were large and full, were just barely hidden behind alow-cut strapless top, hinting at their lushness while at the sametime proclaiming it. His gaze was compelled upward to a heart-shapedface framed by hair so black that it highlighted blue under theincandescent light. Huge brown eyes looked back at him and theyseemed to swallow his gaze, making him feel like he was falling intoa vortex of desire. The full red lips were set in a warm smile thatallowed a husky, sensual voice past them that was entrancing byitself.

“Warden Rizak?”, she said, breakingthe spell that held him motionless. “Oh where are my manners,please madam, come in and seat yourself”, he said, rising frombehind his desk and stepping around it to greet her and guide her tothe one chair opposite the desk. The woman extended her hand and,when Warden Rizak clasped her hand, there was a dizzying moment thatleft him speechless.

La Belle noir, nee' Belle Sterling,watched Warden Rizak's face as her draining of his willpoweroccurred. She smiled at the thought of him signing one of the mostnotorious criminals free on “work-release”. Once she felt shehad drained enough of his willpower, she sat in the chair he hadindicated and opened her purse. She reached inside a moment andpulled out a small bundle of papers that she handed the Warden. Ashe looked at the papers Belle stood up and walked behind his desk tolook out the window. “I hope you don't mind, I just wanted to seeoutside” she said, a warm smoky tone in her voice. Warden Rizaklooked Belle up and down appreciatively and then turned back to hisdesk to read the papers. As he did so Belle turned and placed herhands upon his temples and drained his will completely.

She held the drain for a moment longerto be certain he was in her control. Then she leaned down next tohis ear, and said, “Warden, you will sign the papers and then filethem, and forget this conversation happened. The papers will havebeen approved and you will release Rapine into my custodyimmediately. Have him summoned here.”

The warden wordlessly leaned forwardand dialed the watch foreman. “Get Rapine out of solitary andbrought up here immediately, to my office lieutenant.” Thelieutenant answered and hung up. Fifteen minutes later, Rapine infull meta-shackling was escorted into the office, along with fourheavily armed Longbow security experts. “You four, you arerelieved, I have the prisoner.” said Warden Rizak authoritatively. “Sir, we are not supposed to let the prisoner out of our sight.”

The Warden appeared to pause for amoment, then ushered them inside. “Come in then.” he said andsat down. Rapine was pushed into the room and the four wardenspassed the threshold and the door suddenly closed behind them. TheLongbow members started to turn, and suddenly slumped to the ground,as Belle finsihed closing the door. She looked at Rapine, who wassuddenly fully alert, and eyed the bronze-skinned beauty with apredatory interest. “If you want out of those shackles, remainwhere you are while I deal with these lovely gentlemen. She thenspent the next ten minutes individually draining their willpower andimplanting suggestions and false memories of the room's occurrence. “You will forget all of what happened here except for the fact thatRapine was seen by the warden and then placed back in solitary.”

She pulled a small cube from her purse,held it outstretched in her hand towards Rapine. A net of greenlights painted itself across Rapine from head to toe and then shutoff, and Bell handed the cube to the unconscious lieutenant. “Takethis and place it on the bed in Rapine's room, and then press thesmall button. You will forget all about it after you're finished.” She straightened and went over to lean seductively against thewarden, again draining his willpower to ensure her hold on him. Thenshe turned to the four Longbow security and addressed them. “Youare done here, return to your duties”, she said in a huskycontralto. The guards wordlessly picked themselves from the floorand shuffled out of the room.

Then she turned and addressed thewarden. “You have the key for these shackles, release him.” Thewarden opened his desk and pulled a notebook-sized apparatus from thetop right drawer, keyed in a 7 character code, the shackles lightsdimmed out and the shackles opened. Rapine quickly tore them off anddropped them to the floor, then turned with predatory grace towardsthe woman, a sneer on his face. “Thanks sweetmeat, now out of myway, unless you want to get hurt.”

Suddenly, Rapine dropped to his kneesas every pain receptor in his body fired at once. His hearing andvision quit like a light switch being flipped, and he screamedwordlessly as his body attempted to pull itself apart as musclesynapses fired wildly in random order. As his hearing returned heheard a husky, feminine voice say, “I was told you might need ademonstration. Now if you truly wish to leave here, you will notattempt to threaten me. Are we understanding each other?”

Rapine growled, and started to rise,his anger spilling over, and again he was locked in agony, this timehis heart started to stutter irregularly, and the pain in his chestgrew to searing proportions as his body started to die. The painsuddenly went away again, like a light switch, and he gasped, andscrambled to his feet, spinning to look at the woman, who regardedhim with a light, mocking smile. “That's twice”, she saidthroatily. “I don't give third chances, so what will it be?” Rapine growled but did not move, and finally gave the barest of nodsto the woman, who smiled broadly and opened her purse and pulled outa second small cube.

She again held it at arm's lentgh, andthis time it played it's green net of light over the warden. When itsnapped off she came over to link her arm in Rapine's and handed thecube to him. “press the button and all anyone will see wil be thewarden escorting his 'visitor' back to the front entrance and outinto the parking lot.” Rapine pressed the button and an image ofWarden Rizak settled over him concealing him from casual observation. Belle looked at the warden one last time and smiled, then turned toRapine. “Well then, let's leave, I think I've had all the fun Iwant here.” she said as she looked the large man over. “And weneed to find you a new tailor.”


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