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Lightnyng (Applicant) 4/15/2011 8:07 AM EST : Riccochette caught!
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Tender-izer walked into the Tower. Her animated servitors stopped just inside the door, then stampeded back to the freezer when Tender-izer sent the mental command to move. Once inzide she released control and the humanoid shapes collapsed in piles of meat. Tender-closed the door, then gave a small fist-pump. “Yesssssss!”

The green-furred mutant trotted back to Lightnyng's office, where she found the petite headmistrss looking at papers and marking them up with red pencil. Lightnyng looked up from the chaos on her desk as Tender-izer entered. “You have come for some converse? I am sorry that you will be disappointed, these papers must be graded before the school closes for the weekend.”, Lightnyng said as she turned her attentionback to her desk and the chaos on it.

“We caught her head mistress”, said Tender-izer. “Riccochette is in police custody and heading to the Zig.”

Lightnyng stopped shuffling the papers to look up at Tender-izer. “Well done indeed. I believe ser Chance will be most appreciative of your actions.”, she said. “I have finished your paper, you have passed the current assignment quite handily. Well done.” She stopped moving, then slowl placed the papers down on the desk. She looked down at the papers and spread her hands open, placing them on them as she spoke. “You have done well, your grades have maintained themselves and you are allowed to patrol. That you have caught Riccochette is truly good news, patrolling alone and encoun..”

“But I wasn't alone, we went in a team to get her headmistress”, Tender-izer said, interrupting Lightnyng's talk. The elfin woman raised an eyebrow but remained silent as Tender-izer continued. “We had to work as a team, she'd hurt Morgana and Mercury. She was trying to get hostages! Szaiish got us organized and we went after her last known location. Ex7 found her chasing Mercury and Morgana, and joined in. She helped hold off Ricco's team until Szaiish showed up. Once Szaiish got there she helped them out. Coffen and Sza bounced Ricco's team, and messed them up pretty good. This guy Dirge White showed too and his robots kept the pressure up shooting her out of cover she tried to use. Bea Walks in Maize and I cut her off and kept her from getting away. She's in the Zig now.”

Lightnyng sat for a long moment, looking straight at the green-furred mutant. “You acquitted yourself admirably. The team work is something that cannot be stressed enough. Combining efforts is....”. Lightnyng caught herself, then took a slow, measured breath. “Well done, I am truly grateful this threat has been neutralized. Mr Butler will be picked up and transferred to the trial tonight. His testifying will throw the Jackers into the prison system where they will most likely never see freedom again. This is indeed good news.” She looked back down at her desk, then pushed away, standing up and stepping over to Tender-izer. “Thank you, my mind is unburdened of that threat.” She clasped Tender-izers hands. “Thank you, please forward me a copy of the report you send to ser Chance, I would be grateful to peruse the details.”

Tender-izer smiled. “I'll do that”

(( Congratulations to everyone who could make the PvP RP sessions!  you all helped catch Riccochette.  I had a blast running them, I hope you all had fun playing. ))


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