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Forums : Stories and adventures > Artemis X, 180dB & Lisa Deing: "Hostile Prelude"
CmdDayrunner (Member) 8/25/2008 10:27 AM EST : Artemis X, 180dB & Lisa Deing: "Hostile Prelude"
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"You done yet?"
"How much you have left?"
"A little bit-"
"The programs all set..."
"I know-"
"Whenever your ready..."
Lisa Deing ran a well manicured hand through her platinum hair and sighed, "Micah..."
He frowned in realization, "Sorry Lisa. I'm just excited..."
Molly(Alias Artemis X), perched on a counter behind Micah, pulled him back gently wrapping her arms around his neck in a hug. He smiles and rolled his eyes, "I get the point."
Lisa's eyes narrowed in concentration as the soldering iron smoked in her hand, "Patience's about patience."
Molly whispered into Micah's ear as Lisa continued to work, "What's it going to do?"
He turned his head slightly and spoke quietly, "It tracks. It records both audio and visual data and will send the data back to us. It's also smart enough to not get caught." He paused for a second making eye contact with Molly, he grinned, "Your cute." She blushed and tweaked his nose.
"OK...I'm done gagging...," said Lisa, smirking, putting down the iron, "...and working."
"Let's crank it up," said Micah, clapping his hands together.

Program Axis X; init
Program Axis Y; init
Visual parameters init
WARNING! QUERY: What is that?
Two lifeforms. Homosapiens.
Homo Superior. Mutants.
One Male. One female.
Nomenclature of male:  180dB. Micah.
Nomenclature of female: Artemis X. Molly.
QUERY: Location?
Engineering workshop, penthouse, Next Gen building, Talos Island, Paragon City, Rhode Island, United States, North America, Earth.
ADJECTIVE: Confusing.
Program manual test init
WARNING! QUERY: What are those?
Limbs. Phalanges.
Audio parameters init

"OK," said Micah crouching before the miniature mechanized man. "So in theory, he's fully self aware and capable of defending itself?"
"Completely," said Lisa, wiping a grease smudge off the mech's head, "Your programmings correct, right?"
Micah nodded as Lisa grinned and tapped a hidden button under the lip of the miniature man's frame. A whining sound began to emanate from it's chest. In a flash, the small mech dropped into a semi-crouched position, looking warily from side to side.
"Relax," whispered Lisa cooly as she reached out to hold him steady. Spotting the incoming hand, he suddenly vanished from view! Lisa grinned pulling back her hand in surprise as Micah spoke up, "Stealth tech." He reappeared again and zipped to Molly's leg faster than the eye could follow. "Super speed also," said Micah reaching down for the small mech's hand. Accepting his hand, the small bot shook 180dB's hand like a longtime friend. Reaching for him, Lisa saw it spin suddenly and give off a bluish jolt of electricity to her hand, numbing it. Her eyes narrowed as she sucked on her injured finger.
"Yeah," mumbled Micah, "He thinks of Art and I as parents. Anyone else is a possible threat. I called him Markus-1..."
"Little traitor...," mumbled Lisa as she nursed her thumb. Quizzically, Lisa asked the two heroes, "Why build the little anti-social guy anyway?"
Micah and Molly looked at each other for a second as Artemis X whispered, " service?"
Preset with a task, Lisa wouldn't get to know exactly what was planned for her small construct just yet...


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