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Thermite (Member) 1/15/2013 2:06 PM EST : CO Application: Thermite
GP User: davpa
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  • Hero Name: Thermite
  • Short Description: Reforming villain with fire and ice powers
  • Aliases / Nicknames: Carl Anderson
  • Age: 24
  • Place of Birth: CO Universe:  Coos Bay, OR
  • BackgroundCarl Anderson has always been described as being hot and cold. Not figuratively, literally. As he got older odd things started to happen such as the thermostat in the house never worked right. Sometimes the room he was in was down right freezing or broiling, sometimes going back and forth within minutes. Then there were the things in the house that spontaneously froze, even forming ice around it.

    One day Carl's mother was making a roast. Carl entered the kitchen for a drink when the oven started to form ice crystals! As Carl's mom pulled out the roast she saw the roast ice up. That is when she noticed Carl's sweater smoldering. Carl's skin was so hot you would have thought he sat in the oven instead of the roast.

    Finally, in his junior year of High School, during a graduation dance, Carl burst into flames while most of the people around him got hypothermia, and a few cases of frostbite. Carl's thermodynamic energy powers were manifesting too fast for him to control. The dance was the first time his powers directly drained heat energy from a living person. The dance reported to affect about 50 people that night, dropping their body temperatures about 10 degrees. His prom date, who had been standing next to him at the time, was the one that suffered the most of the heat transfer.

    Carl then spent a lot of time in various labs trying to figure out how to stabilize his thermic shifts. The only thing effective so far has been a thermic stabilizer suit that was designed to help Carl regulate his body temperature from the extremes of heat energy entering and leaving his body. His powers mutated to a point that his body could not handle the amount of heat energy he could absorb.

    After years of research, and no real breakthrough, Carl escaped the institute. Carl took to being a criminal to fund more research on his condition feeling that he never got the proper care due to various budget cutbacks and other bureaucratic red-tape. His powers made him particularly effective as a safe cracker has he could freeze joints and delicate mechanisms and then applying intense heat to those now weakened areas.

    Had Carl been a more ruthless person he could have thrived as a criminal, but that was not in Carl's nature. He only robbed to pay for repairs and upgrades to his thermic suit and to hopefully fund more research on his condition. As it was, he was caught more often then not. Going in and out of jail quite a few times.

  • Mutant PowersThermite has the ability to manipulate the laws of thermodynamics. Thermite is able to draw the heat energy from a target, wether living or inanimate, causing various freezing effects. That heat energy can then be redirected as various fiery offensive methods.

    These thermic shifts allows Thermite to create simple constructs of fire and ice, such as fireballs or ice slides, and is also able to generate waves of intense heat or cold.

  • Other Skills & Abilities: Has a lot of training in physics, particularly in the field of Thermodynamics; Has an advanced understanding of human physiology in regards of temperature extremes such as hypothermia and heat stroke.; Has a solid understanding of mechanics and energy transfer systems due to his work on his thermic suit
  • Personality Keywords: cautious; analytical
  • Likes: 80s pop rock; most foods that are suppose to be cold, like ice cream, because he usually accidentally drains the heat energy from his meals before he can consume it.
  • Dislikes: losing control; making friends freeze in the summer time (when they don't want to be cooled down)
  • Screenshot:
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Karai (SuperAdmin) 2/21/2013 6:00 PM EST : RE: CO Application: Thermite
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Exactly what we're looking for, thank you Dav. NG technology and training is exactly for this sort of person. Now if we can only stop running our events at the same time we may actualy get to play those toons we have in the other SGs
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