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Welcome to Next Gen

The Infinity Watch is now in effect!

Welcome to Next Gen, thhe number one adress for mutants in Millenium City. Gathered from several broken timelines and deminsions Next Gen gathers the best and the brightest among metahumans to guard nothing less than reality itself.

"Next Gen: Infinity Watch" is a roleplaying supergroup based in the Massively Multiplayer Online Game, Champions.
Formerly based in Paragon City before City of Hero was closed the Infinity Watch is a new version of the group, with a fresh new outlook, mission and focus. We welcome all refugees from Paragon and natives of Millenium City.


About us

-The Genetic Wars:

Next Gen has been many things over the course of its existence and several timelines.  The one constant being that it has always been an organization of mutants or metahumans, trying to find their place.

In its first iteration the group was simply known as The Order, a powerful army involved in a war between humanity and mutants so devastating that in the end it shattered their own timeline.

-The heroic age of Paragons:

Reborn into a world known as Primal Earth the most powerful of the Order decided that war can only end in the complete destruction of both sides and decided to use their awesome knowledge of future events and technology to found a group dedicated to protect all humans, powered or not and promote peace between the different stages of evolution. The Next Gen was born. For years they battled threats from mutant superiority cults to armies of genetic purity, all the while protecting humanity and educating young mutants.

-The reality dysfunction:

But even this iteration would not last. While Next Gen succeeded in preventing a war between humans and metas they still could not save their world. Primal earth and several dimensions close to it their destroyed in a catastrophe of incomprehensible proportions, whole universes vanished in a nightmare of shattering reality axioms. Even worse the mutants of Next Gen might have caused this cataclysm themselves with their reckless manipulation of timestreams and dimensional barriers. In the aftermath the signs should have been obvious. Attacks from other worlds were abundant, dead gods reawakened and the lost NG leader Tania Dayrunner herself wielded a power that could only be described as reality burning fire. The possibility that she may have been the catalyst through which the destruction started is still being investigated.

-Exile in the multiverse:

While Next Gen knew the catastrophe was coming they had neither the time nor the power to stop it. Preparing to face this new threat and save their world or die trying they investigated the massive breakdown of reality. What they found was worse than the end of the world. The destructive power could spread over other dimensions and it would not stop. With their home lost Next Gen set out to use their power to at least save other worlds from the same fate. Using their own futuristic technology and knowledge acquired from a cult of former enemies they created a massive spaceship, capable of traveling between dimensions. The Infinity was capable of traveling to thousands of different realities and protect its crew from simply ceasing to exist as the broken reality that was still part of them. It even hid them from the beings that gorge themselves on destroyed universes and tried to follow them through the multiverse. Protected in stasis chambers dozens  of metahumans lie dormant, the systems of the Infinity watching over them until they have sufficiently stabilized and anchored in a new reality to be awakened.

-The ghost worlds:

Galaxyan himself used his powers to guide the ship out of the maelstrom of their dying reality cluster, fusing the last of his lifeforce permanently to the Infinity. Should he ever leave the ship he would simply cease to exist.All the other passengers were protected in the stasis chambers while their powers adjusted to being cut of from their home reality. While the Infinity escaped the cataclsysm it visitied hundreds of dimensions sometimes for less than a second before it moved on. During this transition period the scanners of the ship discovered more dying worlds much like Primal Earth. Whatever had killed Next Gen's homeworld it was infecting other realities too.

-The Infinity Watch:

Galaxyan woke those mutants already stabilized and powerful enough to leave their stasis pods.. Some had powers or a history that made them more suited to surivive the death of their home reality than other. Among them the dimensional hopping Commander Dayrunner and Grim Ichor, who had already lived partly in another realm of existence.
The Inifnity itself was traveling between dimensions as easily as through water but instead of trying to find one home the most powerful and competent would be sent to different realities. Called Executors they would be the eyes, ears and hands of the Infinity. They would found their own versions of Next Gen, recruiting more mutants, training them in their powers, stabilize and protect their new worlds. All the while they would watch for signs of the catastrophe, the reality dysfunction and the cyan fire that destroyed their home. They would prevent the abuse of time travel and dimensionjumping, they would stop dead things from beyond time and they would guard against the things that consumed the shards of their own reality. Multiplying the force of Next Gen over world after world each one would guard their own new reality.

-Millenium City:

Arriving in a new reality they had never seen before the Infinity dispatched a dropship, a simple pod containing everything needed to form an iteration of Next Gen on the planet. The dropship landed on the moon, unfolding into a small base, providing living quarters, medical facilities and teleportation beams to the earth below for the new group. Also contained were 8 pods with Next Gen agents in stasis waiting for the day they could safely release their occupants or be forcibly opened by the Executor in charge on this new Millenium version of Next Gen in an emergency. After the base had setup the Executor assigned to the dimension classified as Millenium Earth went to the surface to start her work.

-A crimson rebirth:

Grim Ichor, former villains, mutant witch, hybrid of metahuman and elder horror got to work creating a new Next Gen, one shaped by her own powers and personality. Setting out to recruit versions of mutants she knew from other realities she is creating her own Next Gen, fighting for the mutant cause, building up a force of powerful mutants to face whatever could threaten this reality. While building the new organizations, using equipment supplied from the dropship moonbase she reports to the Ininifty and tries to not only protect this world but make sure it is one her still sleeping friends will want to live in once they awaken.

-Infinite worlds:

While Next Gen attempts to regrow and protect Millenium City the Infinity keeps traveling between all worlds with iterations of Next Gen on them, founding them if they already exist or contacting them to incoperate them into the porject: Infinity Watch if some familiar form already exists. The Infinity travels between these iterations of the group, sharing the resources that can be afforded. Thus while Next Gen in Millenium City has no own production facilities they still get medical equipment, combat uniforms and even vehicles from their traveling home base thenever it can afford to visit. Yet for some worlds the arrival of the Infinity is nothing less than the last toll of the bell. Some realities are already broken too far to be saved. All the ship can do then is identifiy mutants with powers stable enough to survive and extract them before their earth dies. These exiles are then transported to another reality and integrated into an existing branch of Next Gen like the one in Milenium City. Thus Next Gen is not only made up of metahumans from one or two worlds but of dozens, sometimes even different versions of the same mutant from another world.

Our theme is mostly inspired by the 1990s style of mutant heroes shown in Marvel's X-Men/X-Force or by Images Cyberforce. Contrary to popular belief we don't really have any sort of school going on and our setup is closer the the Authority than Xavier's intitute. 

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