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Welcome to Leithrim.

We are a league of kinships on the Nimrodel server. Our name means The Free People in Sindarin. The essential attributes of our alliance are mutual respect, mutual cooperation, and distributed organization. Rather than merge into one huge kinship, with a single leadership and rule-set, we chose to band together loosely. This enables us to chat with our friends in other kins, to ask for help on quests, to inform each other in-game of events all while keeping our own kinships separate. It is a way to coordinate with others as well as manage ourselves and focus on our own kinship goals.

Website Under Construction

Rilia Tholos, Aug 14, 08 7:03 PM.
Invitations have gone out to the kin leaders to look the site over. Please feel free to add any feedback to officers forums. After I recieve leader approval I will then ask the leaders to send out a Kin Wide mail to have their members sign up.


Thus far I have added background, color and the banner. If you see something or have an idea please let me know. 

I have add forum groups and sub groups, if you think there needs to be more speak up. I left out alot about lore and crafting and such as I know we all have those on our individual websites.

I have also changed the membership page to show the officers of the kinships on the left side. You can edit your characters to say what kinship they are in if you add a -(kinship name) However if you us guildportal it will show that way on your other site as well.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Hosklar, Feb 29, 08 9:11 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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