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Deaths Dealers
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Hello! (Emote/wave) :)  Welcome to the <Deaths Dealers> guild website! 

Today is 4/12/08, we had a large meeting today and there are have been a lot of changes to the guild.  First and formost, we have 2 new Omegas!  Please congragulate Elmulus and Kayluna when u see them! :)

Another change is that I have delegated some of my responsibilites to the Omegas. They're listed below, in no particular order.

exthelion - is now in charge of the guild's gold.  If you need a loan from the guild bank, you need to ask ex first.  He is also in charge of the ranks "zeta" and "theta", if u are in this rank, ex is in charge of your promotions, and if u need help or advice, you go to him.

Nathanielek - is now in charge of the third tab of the guild bank.  He is to make sure that all items in this tab are level 45+ items, and to sell all items in this tab which have been left in there for over a month.He is also in charge of the ranks "delta" and is helping ex with the rank "zeta"

Kayluna - is in charge of the second guild tab and making sure the itmes in there are between the levels 20-44.  She is also the general manager of all the guild tabs, and is in charge of the rank "kappa".

Elmulus - is in charge of the first tab of the guild bank, and making sure the items in there are between the levels 1-19. He is also in charge of the rank "Lambda"

Stealthful - even tho he is not an Omega, he is now the Master of Recruiting. His responsibilities include but are not limited to, making sure all new members have their trades and date joined listed in the guild members notes.  This responsibility was given to him because he's just so darn good at it.  :)

The ranks will now go as follows:

Psi- level 1-10, and all new members,  to be promoted out of this level u must be over level 10 AND been in the guild for at least one week. I am in charge of this rank.

Alts- a special rank made just for ppl's alternate characters.  Alts are not eligable for promotions and may not use the guild bank.  If ur alt needs an item you will have to either get it with ur main character, or ask the person in charge of the tab which has the item u want/need. Having an unregisterd alt is grounds for removal from the guild. I am also in charge of this rank.

Lambda - levels 11-19 - again, ur boss is Elm

Kappa - levels 20-29 - ur boss is Kay

Theta - levels 30-39 - ur boss is ex

Zeta - levels 40-49 - ur bosses are ex and nath

Delta - levels 50+ - ur boss is nat

Gamma - no level restrictions, this rank is just for ppl who are awesome, who "go the extra mile" helping ppl, donating to the bank, or who are just that much fun to be around.  We have three open spaces in this rank.  If u know some one who deserves this promotion, please send me an in-game mail with the person's name and the reason they deserve it.

Well, I think that's about it for now!  Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting today, and thank you for your interest in the guild.



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dueling (4)
  ex giving some jerk a beating
  rose and ex argueing

fun in the outlands (7)
  Demons from Dimension X
  Must be related to rose or something...
  Nice view
  Not the best place to be standing...
  Pit Lords are a pain
  Silly Dragon, you cant fit here!
  Stupid giant stepped on my foot...

guild meetings/bank (13)
  4/20/08 think we took too many group pictures
  all together 4/20/08
  all together 4/20/08
  all together 4/20/08
  at the arena
  guild meeting
  more arena
  nath at ehe arena
  the good old boys
  we win again
  we won

killing things (19)
  dead things in the deadmines
  follow the arrow
  how many times do we have to kill this thing?
  I'm not sure what this was, but it was pretty big, and we killed it
  killing at gnomer
  more deadmines
  more gnomer
  more killin in the DM
  nathanielek killin stuff in stranglethorn
  rosemadder killing sin'dall
  south shore
  spider boss - makes me think of harry potter, LOL
  tentonsus killin at gnomer

Member Pics (17)
  drajin fishing
  ex on mount
  frosty flames
  lots a ppl
  nath clo and katana
  naths cool new hat
  rose and houdine just chillin'
  rosemadder's spirit form
  silly moonkins

Misc. Images (9)
  at the docs
  being silly
  being silly
  being silly
  glitch in SW
  goin to the outlands
  green stealthful
  nath chillin'

mounts (9)
  elms mount
  ex's new epic
  houdine's horse
  nath and exthelion's pretty ponies
  nath's epic
  rose's mount
  stealthful's ride

Nathanielek's adventures (10)
  badlands2 smoke break
  doing stuff
  group killin'
  killing a x-rex
  killing another x-rex
  new look for our first 70
  taking care of business at the sunken temple

our little flower, rosemadder <3 (10)
  burning stuff
  hangin' with the homies
  hanging out with kayluna, before she was a Deaths Dealers
  happy fun rock
  killing stuff
  me and my homies
  playing in the rain

possible new tabbard (3)
  the blue one
  the gold one
  the red one

raid-kills horde dead (1)
  planning before crossroads

the adventures of exthelion (36)
  Ahh... memories
  Blood Elf + Netherdragon = A very angry Ex
  chillin after killin
  Death to all Blood Elves!
  Death to MORE Blood Elves!
  Dragon Exterminator
  Fear the 3
  Forgot to bring the other bag of dogfood...
  hanging out at the bank
  Holy S#%$!
  I could start a business doing this...
  killing blood elves
  killing stuff
  killing undead
  Nat's a genius!
  No tower too tall...
  Not enough heads appearently...
  Now THATS judgement
  on mounts
  Paying my respects
  playing in the snow
  Pulling my wieght of the work
  raven hill
  Reminds me of killa
  Shame she has to die
  Shame she has to die
  So high in the sky
  south shore
  Surronded again...
  The challenge to come
  the circle
  the dragon
  This was a fun fight!
  World's End
  Yes, it was chasing me

ugly hats (7)
  elm's ugly hat
  ex with no hat
  FYI, she's a dude
  houdine's silly hat
  kayluna and rose
  kayluna's un-ugly hat

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