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Jul 7, 08 11:47 PM
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Welcome to Euphoria

We are a Raiding / PVP guild, So if you like raiding or pvp then you found yourself in the right place. We are not a very strict guild unless it comes to raiding. A lot of people ask how can you be a raiding /pvp guild? Well this is how, anyone keyed can raid. If you feel you don't have the gear to go its cool, We will  help you. Our Officers try to help the guild as much as possible. Also if your not 70 and don't know what you want well we are more than glad to help you in anyway to 70 and start you off on raiding or doing pvp. Well ty for joining and we hope you love your new life here in Euphoria !!!
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Sign Ups posted!

539563348_Inactive, Jul 7, 08 11:47 PM.
Video of week
Rogue Tanking Illidan

So yea.... Illidan tanked by a rogue, kick ass!
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