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Frostpaw gang
Mar 5, 08 3:34 PM
Welcome all visitors and Frostpaw Gang members! This website is updated whenever possible in the hope that you will check back often. We now have a poll going on to determine where we should host our first Guild Party. I am taking all suggestions and i am open to new ideas for the guild. Plz pst Siodin or his alternate character Aldoren if you have any ideas. We will start pvp groups for Warsong Gulch as soon as we get 40+ people. Aslo we will track the areas the Darkmoon Fair goes to. It is now stationed in Elwynn Forest just outside of Goldshire. As i am not sure where it goes next i will need help to find it. Pst me it's whereabouts when it moves. Also for all Visitors welcome. And if you play World of Warcraft on the realm Nazerithm we can put you in our guild. We have the WOW armory set up so you can see all of our Guild Members' Characters. Please enjoy the site.
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539567305_Inactive, Mar 5, 08 3:34 PM.
Bank Tab 1                                     Bank Tab 4
Purchased                                       ???

Bank Tab 2                                     Bank Tab 5
250g                                              ???

Bank Tab 3
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