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WELCOME to the home of CADRE.  Where we love to water board the Horde and do /dance with their flag in their Graveyard.  If you are serious about pwning the hell outta the Horde and wish to invest the time and energy into twinking the bejesus outta your toon, then CADRE is for you.  We DON'T like beggars, whiners, and permanent noobs; although females may earn exemption from the last requirement if they talk sexy in Voice Chat.  We love to help each other twink, as long as it's not the noobish kinda twinking that impatient, broke (as in no gold), children attempt.  We like to build up for maximum ownage and have hopes of ruling the BG's with CADRE premades (joining the Battleground as one party or raid).  Oh yeah, we will turn the tide within the Battlegrounds.  The Horde will try to get us banned, but hey - the Tree with the most fruit gets shaken the most.  CADRE FTW!

Colonel Cu
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539568751_Inactive, Mar 5, 08 2:27 AM.
Moved the guild website.  Paid the bucks for some better features.  Thank me in-game ;)  Plagiarized a great post on lvl 19 twink templates (I edited a buch, ok?).  And lastly, I created some guild rules that may help cutdown on the amount of retards I have to KICK!!!!  CADRE is too ultimate to have any noobs among our ranks.  When I say noobs, I don't mean level 1 toons; we like those.  Everyone was lvl 1 once.  Noobs = a lvl 19 Main wearing nothing twink with some +1 enchants, who begs for promotion to Officer so he can get some Twink Gear outta the Guild Bank.  OMG!!! (lol)  No!  Correction:  Noobs = previous + and won't take advice to keep lvling up his 19 to make earn some gold without totally freeloading, while rerolling a twinkable toon that can be properly geared.  I mean, everyone has to make some mistakes.  However, CADRE consists of none who haven't learned from their mistakes. 

Colonel Cu
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