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New Lotto System
Mar 7, 08 8:33 PM
New Ranking System
Mar 7, 08 8:29 PM
Guild Created!
Mar 6, 08 2:48 PM
Welcome to our new website!

Whats goin on guys? This is the Art of Execution's website. We are a guild currently playing on the moonrunner server for World of Warcraft. Our #1 priority is having fun, but striving to be the best never hurt anybody. But anyways, look around and let us know what you think about the website. If you're already a member of AoE, then thanks for coming! If not, then you can look at the roster in the toolbar on the top and contact any member of AoE to become a member!
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New Lotto System

539571561_Inactive, Mar 7, 08 8:33 PM.
Hey, im back again! We have just introduced a new lottery system. The rules are as follows:

1. You must be a member of the guild at the time of the lottery, with no limits on the time you've been in the guild.
2. As of now, members will have to buy a 5 gold raffel ticket. You will send the gold to Telan and your name will be entered.
3. All members participating will meet outside of orgimmar next to the Durotar-orgimmar entrance, and will use the /roll function. Numbers will be 1-1000, and the highest number will win.
4. If more than 20 members enter the lottery, more gold will be added to the pot.

This is just an extra incentive for guild members and recruits. Further down the road when the guild is fully setup, the lottery will be free and will consist of a lot more than 100 gold.

The lottery will be run every Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. BNET TIME! type /time in game to see bnet time. If you have any questions, contact telan!

New Ranking System

539571561_Inactive, Mar 7, 08 8:29 PM.
Hey guys! We have finally worked out most of the kinks in our ranking system and are ready to get it going. There are 10 ranks going from dark minion to executer. Each rank allows for more access to guild functions, such as the guild bank. Ranks are earned by participation in the guild- Donations, helpfulness, recruits, etc. So, get out there and get busy! Let's get some high ranks in this thing!!

Guild Created!

539571561_Inactive, Mar 6, 08 2:48 PM.
Woot woot! Thanks to everyone who helped make the creation of this guild a success, but we cant stop here! It's time to start recruiting and make this guild as a whole a success. So, stop reading this and go recruit! woot!
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