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Magtheridon's Lair
Mar 27, 08 6:26 AM
Mar 19, 08 4:54 AM
Void Reaver...
Mar 19, 08 4:53 AM
Leo Down
Mar 16, 08 7:26 AM
FLK down
Mar 13, 08 4:34 AM
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Formed 7 March 2008

Full Clear- Kara Full Clear- ZA Full Clear- Gruul's Lair Full Clear- Magtheridon's Lair 4/6- SSC 2/4- TK

Forget what you heard; this is the real deal. A Barthilas end-game guild designed for raiders and run by raiders. Formed from a core of hardcore raiders who want the best out of what World of Warcraft offers in PvE content.

We have full clears of Kara and ZA under our belts, and are cracking on in SSC and TK. We are looking to build a close knit core of keen PvE raiders to crack the final bosses and break into HS/BT. We believe we can do it or we wouldn't be here. We won't waste anyone's time, we are here to raid.

We are currently recruiting for SSC/TK/HS/BT.

At present we are inviting applications

from ALL classes.

We are always interested in hearing from decently geared Healers of any description.

Remember- Gear can be upgraded; skill is inherent. We will take skilled players in ordinary gear over people who cannot play in epics.

Raid times:
Wed, Thurs, Sun, Mon; 7:30-11:30 server.

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Several damn good reasons.

1. We are good players and appreciate the time and effort our raiders put into raiding.

2. We use a balanced and equitable loot system, where everyone has an even chance at gear, as long as they attend consistently.

3. We are serious about clearing End Game content, and have a focused and commited core with 2.5 years of WoW experience.

This is an excellent chance to get in at ground level with a new twenty-five-man raid guild, no long line of old timers with thousands of DKP to compete against, no long standing 'mates loot' rules; you get guaranteed raid spots on a regular basis with competitive chances at loot and upgrades.


Magtheridon's Lair

539573381_Inactive, Mar 27, 08 6:26 AM.
So, after Blizzard's best efforts to stop us raiding for the past week, we finally snuck in and killed something. Gratz on a huge haul of treats!

- Creel
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539573381_Inactive, Mar 19, 08 4:54 AM.

- Creely
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Void Reaver...

539573381_Inactive, Mar 19, 08 4:53 AM.
So we hit TK tonight. Had a bad luck 17% wipe on first go, killed it second try. Would've been nice to one-shot, but meh.

- Creely
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Leo Down

539573381_Inactive, Mar 16, 08 7:26 AM.
The ownage continues. Messy attempts and then we knuckled down and owned him. No deaths till near the very end and it almost collapsed on us, but 4 people stayed up.

- Creely
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FLK down

539573381_Inactive, Mar 13, 08 4:34 AM.
Wandered in tonight; after a few rough starts and D/C's, nailed him. Good work by everyone. Creel nubbed up the loot and gave the war legs to a mage, GG.

- Creely
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