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Welcome to the Justice-Knights and Hero Watch guild portal site.

All members, like Dr. Dositheus, please contact Mezz, Bio, Jay or Sin Stalker for an important message. Thank you.

City of Heroes will be shutting down their servers. This is tentatively scheduled for November 30 but could be sooner. Paragon Studios has been disbanded.

The Justice-Knights is a group of many heroes who have banded together to fight the evils they can't handle alone. Originally formed before by a group of teenaged group of superheroes, the Justice-Knights were disbanded and reformed in Paragon City approximately a month after Statesman's Call originally went out. Now they have become a large mature group, relying on strength in numbers as a wise thing but they also limit this to avoid crossing the line into any sort of a military group.
Their base currently resides in a salvaged Rikti mothership in orbit above Paragon City. From above they keep a watchful eye. We are the Justice-Knights, UNITE!

Hero Watch is a super group that is devoted to upholding justice no matter who or what obstacles stand in the way. Created to not just fight the villains of the world but fellow would-be-heroes who are anything but. A crime fighting organization and superhero internal affairs unit rolled into one. While they go all around the world, they have now set themselves up in the Old Detroit area to help with the current Qularr invasion and get to the bottom of the supposed return of Dr. Destroyer. Some believe it is the original while some believe the current incarnation is someone new but a few think perhaps this one was once a hero themselves. No matter what we're on the watch!

These SGs or Guilds are here to make friends and be friends. A family. That is the goal of the Justice-Knights. To improve our gameplay and create bonds that (if you wish) will continue on past City of Heroes/Villains and Champions. We have one main rule and that is to treat everyone with respect like you would a friend.
So let's have some fun and welcome !

CoX: @Sin Stalker, @Dr. Dositheus, @Leo Darkheart, @Biosphere

CO: @Sin Stalker, @Captainmezz, @Cnidarico


GP Changes and CoP Rocked!

Sin Stalker, Dec 5, 10 3:31 AM.
First off, I just wanted to point out that GP is now upgraded. We have the event set options and full forum features again.

Secondly, thank you to all those that attended the SG event. We had a turn out that surprised everyone.
Thank you to our coalition that joined in from Omega Sector and DOIDDs. Thank you to the few PuGs that joined in to fill out our ranks.

We didn't complete the TF but it was a lot of fun and great seeing so many people together.

If you haven't noticed yet, there is another CoP setup for the 18th. Hopefully we can beat it this next time!


SG Event! After so long!

Sin Stalker, Nov 28, 10 6:46 AM.
December 4th at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time, we will be running a Cathedral of Pain Task Force. This will involve not only use but SGs in our coalition (those I can get a hold of).

We need at least 12 heroes, vigilantes and/or Rogues to show up and we are hoping for 20+.

We can either do a few runs as, when done right, they can go really quick. This is only a maybe.

Afterwards we can do some PVP.

Hope everyone can attend! Clear your calender, ITS AN SG EVENT!


SG Rebuilding!

Sin Stalker, Aug 29, 10 6:48 PM.
1. The SG has begun rebuilding. Open recruitments are still suspended but feel free to invite people you are teaming with.

2. Kick / online policies will be reinstituted but laxed at first because the policies may change to help create a much more laid back feel.

3. I need those who are still willing to be an officer to get in touch with me. Because the SG has been semi-active for so long, officers will need to be regularly to very active.

4. The GP site will be upgraded to a paid account soon. Doing this will allow us to use the calender and forums fully again.

5. We will soon have both TS and Ventrilo at the same time. This will be for a month to two months so we can see what people prefer. Please download ventrilo and ts3 at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.


Updates, additions and friends!

Sin Stalker, Sep 16, 09 3:44 AM.
1. The JK SG policies have been updated since made semi-active.

2. Since several SG members are playing CO (some only playing CO while most playing both CoX and CO) we have created a new SG named "Hero Watch" and it will be the CO branch of the Justice-Knights. Both SG's will be using the same GP site to avoid the need for going to more websites. Some areas will keep the two games seperate and some will keep it together. This will continue unless problems arise.

A new URL will also be bought so that you can get to the GP site through and a hero watch url as well.

3. Since this website will be both Justice-Knights and Hero Watch, we are hoping to edit the banner. While the current banner is excellent, we need to even it out with a Hero Watch banner.
One idea of this is to simply change the size of the current banner vertically and add in a second separate banner below for Hero Watch. This would be ideal since the current banner is so good.

4. Leo has GP emailed me with best wishes for the entire SG. He hopes to return soon but also gave me an email address for SG members to be able to get in touch with him and say hi.
Please message me (via GP, ingame, vent, email, etc) to be given this email.


Semi Active

Sin Stalker, Aug 14, 09 10:00 AM.
You've all kind of seen this coming now for a while. Since I have many things going on and can't show the attention needed to run the SG like I used to, I think the Justice-Knights will officially be on the Semi-Active SG list now.

Everyone is still of course welcome to stay, invite friends, play and all the norm but I will not be doing open recruitments, SG official events or regularly checking offlines.

What does this mean with policies?

Well its kind of a, be offline at your own risk. I will still, every now and again, clear out inactives when we fill up in the SG but will be kicking (if needed of course) and still sticking to the policies in that regard.

Promotions will work the same but you need to flag me when you accomplish whats needed. I won't be checking lists to see who needs what.

Ventrilo will remain active as will the GP site (although I may let the extra features expire. This depends on how many wish to actually use it for CoH and possibly CO over the next few months.

If you have any further questions on the matter, feel free to contact me, @Sin Stalker.

Again, the SG is not "dead" or disbanned but merely temporarily set on semi-active status.

Thank you.

Up Coming Events!
There are no upcoming events.
To join!

If this is your first time here, please follow what is below to gain appropriate access. This is all needed to set you up with the SG website so you can use all the given features, including signing up for SG events!

1. You join by looking at the very top of the page and should see >JOIN< that you can click on.

If you are a member of the SG/VG ingame, then please once you have joined, go to the Forums and post in the Public access area telling us "who are you" so we know to promote you!
IF you are in our coalition, go to the Forums in our Coalition thread to be given coal access and your SGs name as a title.

Next, please add your characters to the Roster and check out the Calender section regularly to see what new events are added weekly! Thank you!!!!

*Ifyou know about GP at all and can help your leader, Sin Stalker, editand style it more, please let me know and help me out as I am justlearning.

**When using the Calender section, do NOT rely on thetimes shown with Guild Portal. Instead, click on the event and look atthe events details to look at the CORRECT time!
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