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Order of Silver Moon
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OSM a little history:

Oh as for history OSM was formed on Bronzebeard server in wow shortly after game release by myself and some good friends. Some actually were able to break free of the wow addiction and are now residing happily in Vanguard!

I moved on to VG and decided I missed the name and the idea behind it so in Feb-March of 07 on Shidrith (now known as Seradon after server merge) OSM was reformed we grew to 50-60 inc alts in a few short months and we had a excellent rep tied to our name due to fantastic members!

In June-July of same year guild was approached by SV to merge and a month later we became one with SV. Osm was disbanded and all member were welcome with open arms to the family of Silky venom.

The SV guild and people are wonderful and if you wanted a guild that can do it all and has enough folks to raid you could find no better!

But I prefer smaller and to be honest missed this guild, but if I was not here I would still be in that guild. And that brings up to date!

Now with the help of a few wonderful friends (Kallom, Bomar, Hilonto), we hope to start fresh and rebuild osm into a guild anyone would be proud to have a guild tag!

If you are interested in joining us please fill out a application and we shall talk with you in game asap! :)

Upcoming Drawing!!

Jovena, Jan 9, 09 8:33 AM.
See link for details!

Cool Reward (click here)

Vent down? (nm its fixed)

Jovena, Aug 26, 08 12:04 AM.
Not sure whats going on with vent but it appears to be down at the moment, I did pay the bill honest! ;)

Hoping they have it fixed shortly (as you all know I hate to type) ...let you all know whats going on soon as I find out!

WooHoo its back!

Grats to Mattaul with guilds 1st Faction mount!

Jovena, Aug 25, 08 12:22 PM.
Like to send out a "WTG" for Mattaul who got a few in game landmarks He got guilds first faction mount, hit level 30 and hit the 1 plat mark! WOOHOO....busy guy. lol

Mattaul take 1
Mataul and Ant take 2
Mattaul and Ant Big closeup!

Areanna - family medical leave

Griboulliage, Jun 8, 08 6:14 AM.
Areanna asked that word be passed she'll not be on much for a couple of weeks.  Our thoughts go with her as she contends with her husband's surgery. 

Great success on harvest run!

Jovena, Apr 27, 08 11:32 AM.
Wanted to say thank you to all that showed up last night!

Jagdwolf, Qhazz, Aaldowen and Raithious...Thanks guys was fun!

Welcome new member!

Jovena, Apr 16, 08 10:58 AM.
Dakareth our newest app recently returned to game after a 1 year absense, lets make sure he feels welcome! (group hug)

We are on a roll just got another wonderful addition to the osm guild everyone say hello to Pennies! :)

Welcome our latest great addition Ysoru! :)

OSM now has vent!

Jovena, Mar 14, 08 10:14 AM.
Please check member forum for Vent details!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Jovena, Mar 13, 08 8:57 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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