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Welcome to Guild Absolution

Welcome friends, we are a new guild formed on the EU Azjol-Nerub server. We are dedicated players who wish to play effective as a team, and explore all game content.

We as a guild strive for perfection in  all raid instances, and take pleasure in fully clearing all content availible. We also strive to use our charecters to the best of our abilities, and aim to create a raiding community which laughs at blizzards attempts to keep us at bay, whilst respecting the encounters put before us.

You will find we are a guild not run as a dictatorship and every one here has a voice. We are players from sucessful guilds who wish to rule our very rights of being extreamly valuable, assests and wished to keep us down in the mud.

We are ABSOLOUTION, The guild of freedom and liberty.
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Absolution Site Live on GuildPortal!

Thraps, Mar 15, 08 2:59 PM.
This guild website is still under constuction and will be fully active fairly shortly
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