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Your Fate Begins Here
Dalaran (PvE)
Our Ventrilo Server
Information can be found by clicking here!

 Hello and welcome to the Bound By Fate website (Dalaran Server). We are a fun filled family oriented guild. Please enjoy your visit to our website and make yourself at home.

Code of Conduct

Regardless of your rank in the guild, Bound By Fate  has made a name for itself by being a guild filled with good people. We have earned the respect of the server by showing respect to others (even those who ordinarily may not deserve or return such respect). We place high value on honor in this guild, which means treating your fellow players with respect, whether in game or on any public forums. If you can't be polite, don't post. Your actions reflect upon the entire guild, and any misconduct or disrespect of fellow players will not be tolerated. We want to establish and maintain a reputation for being a quality guild, full of helpful and fun filled active members who are an excellent addition to any group or party... do your best to live up to these expectations.

The following will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action or immediate removal.

1. Racism, sexism, bigotry or promotion of real-life violence towards another person. This includes using slurs based on race, color, creed, sex, or sexual identity. (We like to have fun and tease one and another, joking is one thing but there is a such thing as going too far)

2. Harassment of fellow players, whether in guild or not. It is up to you to be the bigger person and remember this is just a game. If another person is harassing you, use the appropriate channels ignore them, report them to an officer. Immediate action will be taken. Striking back usually just results in both parties getting banned. (we like to keep drama out of the guild)

3. Unethical playing. Those caught using exploits, hacking, ninja-ing*, intentionally wiping a group or otherwise playing unethically will be removed.

4. Spamming. Whether in general chat, guild chat, yells, ventrilo, wherever, spamming is annoying and is meant to disrupt the normal flow of conversation. Don't do it.

* Pirates are good, ninja's are bad. Pirates may occasionally accidentally Need something or loot something they shouldn't have. They generally apologize for it, make compensation, and make damn sure it never happens again. Ninjas do it purposefully, are unapologetic kleptomaniacs who will find themselves applying to other guilds rather quickly.

Remember, that guild tag over your head makes each of you a representative of Bound By Fate. Act the way you want our guild to be remembered. 

 If you wish to apply to Bound by Fate by introducing yourself to the guild please head to the "Membership Requests" section and make a post.
Thank you,

Sturgarr (Aüron) ¤Guild Leader of Bound by Fate¤

Beefien  ~Guild Co-Leader of Bound By Fate~  

If you wish to read more please click "Forums" button at the top of this page.


Other Guild News

Ventrilo Server!

Aüron, Aug 20, 10 5:56 AM.
Follow this link to go directly to the Ventrilo Server Topic --> Click Here <--

Steps to becoming a member of Bound by Fate

Aüron, Jan 29, 09 7:04 AM.
Everyone should first sign up for access to the forums by clicking here. This will unlock the forums dedicated to our Bound by Fate Members.

Be advised that this only allows you to post to the site. So after that step, you need to create an application by clicking here. Follow the steps in the Application post and create a new topic with your character's name in the Subject line, followed by pasting the application and filling in the blank spaces (i.e. Name, Age, Location, Class, Current Level, Professions, Gear, Spec, etc.).

Thanks for your interest in Bound by Fate :)

Guild Progression

Aüron, Jan 29, 09 7:03 AM.
Please keep us in tune with what's going on, we enjoy doing anything we can to make Bound by Fate more than just a guild. But fun for all of us :D. The officers work very hard to keep all of you happy, working around their schedules to help you out. At least give them the respect of showing how much you appreciate all the efforts they are doing to help you out. And please, by all means; reply to their posts if it asks or requires your attention. With that said; I'm not saying you have to check the site every day, but please at least make an effort to keep up with the site once a week. There are plenty of post and topics here to find some kind of interest in. And even more that have yet to be said. Be it you need help with something, or just posting about everyday life outside of the game.

If for some reason you can't view the forums, and are only able to see the "General Discussion" and "Membership Requests" forums. Then you need to get with an officer and let them know that you are unable to view the other forums. You may also e-mail Aüron(a.k.a. Sturgarr) or Beefien directly, using the mailing system (last tab to the right) on the site. This is a minor problem that can be fixed, you just need to let someone know.

Thanks guys and gals! Above all else, we want you all to be happy. So have fun and enjoy the World of Warcraft with your fellow guild mates ;).

NOTE : -- Links are always labeled in grey. I label them in green for easier access.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Bulleon, Mar 15, 08 3:51 PM.
Our Guild Website was born on this day!
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