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Bree-Land Volunteers

Dark days have risen. The Enemy has many faces and his reach is long. From the forsaken realm of Mordor, tendrils reach out, ever grasping the unwary. To what end, I can only shudder to guess…such is the business of the Wise and Mighty.

Travel the world and troubles will be found most everywhere you look. Each province, each citizen, tries to deal with the problems before them as best they can. Overwhelmed with personal difficulties, they are unable to see the plights of their neighbor. Small brush fires are fought here and there while an inferno rages in the East.

These smaller troubles are mighty enough for those that endure them. I foresee a day soon when the mightiest of Middle-Earth will be called away to confront the Enemy head on. Who then will be left to aid the common people far from the battlefields? I shall do my best but my abilities are limited when working alone.

Even though I question my ability and right to call others under my banner, I fear I must do so and trust to the fates to guide us towards a noble end. We must stand tall, strong and proud, placing ourselves between danger and those it would consume.

Our world is changing. It is a time of many endings and just as many beginnings. This much is clear. Destiny calls and all that are dark and foul are answering the call. It is our duty to answer the call as well, defend the defenseless and strengthen what the Dark One surely sees as the gap in the armor of those that would oppose him.

All that is good in our world teeters on the very brink of doom. May we have the strength to right the balance.

Vrayden Westfield


What We Are
The Bree-Land Volunteers is a heavy roleplaying guild on the Landroval server of Lord of the Rings Online. As an rp guild on an (unofficial) rp server of an rp game, creating an rp environment for those seeking it is our primary goal. We ask that any wishing to join our ranks understand this. It is sometimes necessary to go Out Of Character to communicate but we ask that you limit this and strive to remain In Character as much as possible. That said, we are a heavy rp guild with a sense of humor and aim for it to be more fun to be In Character anyway.

We are not glistening Knights in the official service of any kingdom. We are not direct descendants of Isildur. We are not an elite, special strike team in the service of Gandalf or Elrond.

What we are is a little bit scruffy and ragtag. Men, Dwarves, Elves and Hobbits trying to work together when the majority of history has scoffed at the idea. While we might actually be very good at playing the game, our rp personality is along the lines of stunned disbelief we are actually still alive.

There is room for those that In Character know they are exceptional but just as much room for those that are doing well to be half-bright. Bringing the two together will hopefully be entertaining in a tongue in cheek, non-hostile manner.

Some of us are here to save the world, some us are here for glory, some of us are here to loot the bodies. Somehow we ended up in the same place and that place is far from an elite regiment of any sort. Despite it all, we do mean well. Usually. For the most part.

A sense of humor is absolutely welcome. The theme behind the guild is inspired by the ‘Night Watch’ found in several of Terry Pratchet’s Discworld novels. As Kinship leader, I am in the spot of trying to be the voice of reason but I envy those that choose to be a well-meaning simpleton.


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