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Alliance Marine Corps
Officer Exams
Apr 1, 08 7:35 PM
Alliance Made
Mar 17, 08 8:57 PM
Welcome to the Alliance Marine Corps website on The Venture Co. realm.
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First and Foremost, lets scale what the Alliance Marine Corps are all about.

       |  RP |   PvP  | PvE/Raiding |
 Med   Heavy     Heavy

If you are seeking Recruitment, Speak to any active member of the AMC, and await an inspection.

Currently we're looking for characters 35+ for PvP raiding content.

We are the first to fight always, and on the Venture Co. we are currently sustaining heavy Raids by the Horde, the AMC has been forged to answer that threat.

Please message Barous or anyone with the tag <Alliance Marine Corps> in game for recruitment.

Our Guild Base of Operations is stationed in Menethil Harbor. All guild functions and deployments will begin with there.
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Officer Exams

539598697_Inactive, Apr 1, 08 7:35 PM.
In 2 weeks the AMC will be hosting their first Officer Exams.

The Crucible is the name of the event where we will test your skills as a leader.
It will be moderately difficult and you will be facing your demons in a harsh manner, but we'll be with you every step of the way.

-You must be level 40+
-You must have moderate activity
-You must hold a rank of "Marine" or higher
-You must pass 'The Crucible'

Alliance Made

539598697_Inactive, Mar 17, 08 8:57 PM.
Recently we have signed an Alliance with <The Crimson Warlords> and are planning some very exciting things.

Get some Marines!
Semper Fi!
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