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Guild start up
Mar 19, 08 4:14 PM
Welcome fellow horde to the guild Endless. We are are the only guild that has a raiding plan set up for players under the level of 70-60. We are fun guild that will do many things such as making movies,raiding alliance,having guild dueling nights,battleground pvpers,and an awesome guild bank. Our main leaders are Semoss (Warrior) as the guild leader and Sirenry (Warrior) as the guild raid leader ask us for advise about the bank and comments to the guild or guild raids. when I say guild dueling nights that means everyone that has reached the max level ex(19) they will come and meet me and the raid leader and duel these wil be recorded and put on youtube in teh dueling nights you can bid on a player if you think they will win and get money if they do also you can fight for positions in the guild. We hope you will enjoy your stay in our guild.
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Guild start up

539603048_Inactive, Mar 19, 08 4:14 PM.
Welcome Guildies your goal today is to get to level 19 by the march 28 and do not level ahead of ppl once your 19 you can participate in all the guild events also we are going to sort out our guild raiding days wich are Wenesday Friday Saturday Sunday. oh and I would like everyone under level 10 to donate 3silver a day to the bank level 19s thats 10 silver.
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