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Raiding Guidlines
Raiding in Outlaws is intended to be a very nice blend of successful progression, and an enjoyable pass time. In order to preserve both aspects to raiding in World of Warcraft, the following guildlines have been drawn up. Please note that these guidelines are subject to both change and exception in certain circumstances.

Raiding Attendance:
  •     It is very importat that people arrive on time and ready to go for raids. This includes having the necessary reagents, potions, and gear necessary for the particular event.
  • Sometimes, people have an emergency, or simply run out of time and cannot continue with the raid. These circumstaces are fine, however it is wise to know in advance how much time you have before you commit to a particular instance. If you do have to make an early departure, please try to inform an officer ahead of time.

Loot Distribution:

  •     Primary spec gets first choice on drops they can use: (ex tank warrior gets tank gear before fury warrior).
  • In cases where more than 1 class/person can use a particular item to full effectiveness as their spec, the loot will be distributed according to either the roll or dkp system, depending on what is being used in the particular raid. Refer to dkp rules for more info
  • Bind on Equip items are usually disenchanted or sold and donated to the guild bank for needed funds or materials. If it is not an official raid and rolling is allowed, everyone is free to greed boes of any quality unless specifically warranted as an upgrade for someone in the raid/group.
  • DKP will be the predonimant factor in larger official raids as it provides the fairest distribution of loot. See the DKP page for more information on Outlaws dkp system.
  • Profession plans or schematics will be decided based on who is most able to benefit.(ex. blacksmithing plan drops and 2 people need it. The person with the highest blacksmithing level gets priority). In cases where both are the same, roll or dkp will determine who gets the item.
  • BOP items that are not equippable, but useable in certain professions or to obtain certain gear will first be determined by who is closes/most able to benefit from the item. If all are equal, roll or dkp will decide who gets the item.


  •        Outlaws expects members to be respectful and helpful to eachother
  • Joking around is fine and very common, but please make sure everything is done in good humor and not in a vicious or spiteful manner
  • Treat non outlaws members as you would treat your fellow outlaw members. We take our reputation seriously, and will not tolerate anybody giving us a bad name.
  • Help eachother out as often as possible to ensure a productive and friendly environment within the guild.


  •     Outlaws does not have a required donation system, However it is very important that donations be made to ensure progression and function within the guild.
  • We ask that you donate needed materials and items to the guild when you can afford to do so.
  • If you need something out of the guild bank, please try your best to replace it to full value as soon as possible.

Guild Bank:

  •     The guild bank is designed to facilitate progression for guildies on an individual and raid level.
  • materials for professions will be used by members to make certain items for raids/groups. These materials are to be placed in the Materials tab of the guild bank
  • Finished products such as potions and elixirs or any other profession item which is created using guild materials is to be placed into the product tab of the guild bank
  • Anything within the guild bank is useable by members. In order to keep the guild bank flowing and funded, these items are to be used during guild raids and group runs only. In addition, it is up to each individual to ensure that they either replace, or pay for whatever items they are needing to use at the time. This cost will not be any more than the cheapest available price for the selected item.
  • Everyone runs low on gold sometimes, therefore, if you are needing a certain item but cannot afford to replace it at the moment, please contact an officer. We will happily help you out as best we or the guild can. Please note that such a situation will be held under the honor system.
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